Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another runner

Check out this fancy table cloth  ~ Wow~  is all I can say!  I do like the colors, but...

I guess you're looking at the backside of the thing, but you get the picture :)

What I'm in the process of is cutting this round cloth into rag strips for another table runner.  I eyeball about 1 1/4 in to 1 1/2 in wide and get to cutting in a spiral fashion.   This technique works for oval and actually will on squares and rectangular ones too, if you are willing to round off the corners and loose that material.

Actually, I got two nice size runners from this tablecloth.  It would have be REALLY long if I'd used it all on one.

Quiet and melancholy day here today.  The last college student has gone off back to classes and I'm hangin' out alone again except for the pup and the fur balls cats.  It was bad enough I couldn't help myself and made some raisin bread pudding.... comfort food.  Not good as the office crowd and I decided tomorrow is "THE DAY" to get serious about this weight issue we all seem to be having.


  1. I like both the runners you got - getting ready for craft fairs yet to come?

    I feel bad about complaining of the cold when I think of your cold! I showed Ian your picture and just said, South Dakota~

  2. It's amazing how the ugliest fabric will make the nicest rugs and runners! I've wondered how the spiral cutting works out. Guess it's time to try it.

    Like the new header photo!