Wednesday, January 19, 2011

White white, everywhere

The predominant color in my world these days is white...

These are my hay bales.... can you tell?   :)  There is a car hiding in there, too.

Large volumes of snow.  If there was any hint at warmth anywhere, I would be worried about mud.  But there is not an unfrozen droplet of water anywhere.  The air glistens with frozen moisture when there is a bit of sun.

I have to admit there is a kind of harsh beauty in the Dakota winters.  The morning moonshine this morning was amazing.  The color of a full moon night in winter is impossible to describe.  I tried photos, but, eh... just couldn't capture it.

As much as I kvetch about being tired of winter, I can still appreciate the sun diamonds on snow, or the wind sculptures in the drifts or the moonlit blue nights.

It's just the bone chilling cold!

Tonite I pulled the Structo back out from the corner its been in for the last month.  I had warped a scarf to demonstrate on back in the early days of December.  After that I haven't looked at the thing.

Guess what?  MORE WHITE!  lol
Once again, I'm learning as I'm doing.
First attempt at a twill weave.
First time using angora rabbit yarn.

I've learned ... I need to learn about floating selvedges.  I should probably use thicker yarn... this fine stuff takes forever to show progress!   And I really should keep at things because I really lose interest if I set it aside for this long.

I'm not terribly impressed with the looks of this scarf on the loom.  I keep reminding myself it's gonna change a bunch when I wet finish it and it'll probably be a nice little cuddly warm scarf.  I need to get this finished!  ha!

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