Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing hooky

Well, not really...

After arising at 5:45 this morning and spending a strong hour running my snowblower, I was able to go to work.  I was a little late, but I wasn't about to go in to work all sweaty and exhaust/gasoline smelly.

In that hour I managed to clear out the "northern" 1/3 of my drive where the drifts were the smallest.  The last few days we've had high winds from the south, southwest.  That means the drifts grew from the south edge out.  It was a little warmer that it has been - hooboy! it was 20 some degrees out! - and with the wind the drifts were HARD.  As in, this big old girl could walk, and stomp, all I wanted all over this big old drift in my drive.

Anyhoo,  I got to work all whipped and noodley from the exercize and got to work.

And then we noticed.  The wind was now coming out of the north.  And it was snowing.  I figured I'd make it til noon and see what the situation was as to whether I'd stay home for the afternoon.  By 11 I had decided I better 'git' while the 'gittin' was good.  Headed for home and glad I did as the drifts were now building from the north.

So I ate some lunch - and then spent the afternoon working on getting some snow moved.

I'm still not done - I'd like to clear the area to the gate you see in the background.  But I just couldn't do it!  This dang drift...  It was a good 20 feet across and 30+ feet long and at the south end a good 4 feet deep.  And hard enough I had to use the spade to break off pieces before I could use the snowblower to move that outa there.

My front yard is full of snow and the road is drifted over.  This snow is a good 5 feet deep if not more.   I can't find my water meter! :)

The sun peeked out for just a bit this evening - almost didn't know what was going on!  Hadn't seen a nice sunny day for so long - So I grabbed these photos.

 Quilt night tonite.  Hoping to get my quilt onto the long arm quilting machine and get it quilted.  I just want to get something finished that will STAY finished.

Last Saturday I went to a Winter Show.  I actually had a good day- one of my stronger days lately.  Sold 7 rugs, 4 of which were denim.  I am down to only 6 blue denims on hand, so I desperately need to do those next.


  1. I know how it is to work with snow.Hope things get better soon.

  2. Isn't it funny how we miss what we don't have?
    After seeing your photos I'm wishing I were in Washington right now instead of Arizona...but I know if I were there I'd probably wish I were here!!! LOL

    Keep warm......