Sunday, January 23, 2011

Me? Not organized?

From a text the other night from my daughter... 

"Mom, my friend 'D' wants a denim blanket like me and 'E' (my sons girlfriend)....

I replied that I had one for sale :)

But when I said to look on my facebook page for a  picture, I found I didn't have one! 

Egads!  You mean to tell me that I'm not totally always on top of things???  lol

So here's the picture of the denim blanket that I've had for awhile. 

 This denim quilt/blanket is a "use it up" pattern.  The pinwheel blocks were from another project where I just wasn't liking them within that current project.  There were diagonal pieces, and small 4 patches, and a 9 patch and even just chunks of narrow blocks in a long row.  I started laying it out and kept building pieces and filling in spots until I got to this.  It is machine pieced and quilted with a plaid flannel backing and binding.

I've been dragging this one around for awhile trying to sell it.   I've had lots of lookers, but when they check the price they lose interest :)  I think my price of $100 is rather low for the time it took to put this together.

I seem to live in an area that doesn't think a person's ( a woman's ) time is worth much in $'s....

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  1. Sad but true - in these difficult economic times I have also found that people just aren't spending on things they don't consider "necessary"... although a blanket of any kind will always be necessary - especially a hand made one.