Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is (&%()$*)#ing COLD!

I am sitting here gritting my teeth.

My toes are coming back to life and if you've never had almost frozen toes come back to life, you don't really know how bad that can hurt.

Got a call just shortly after work from my neighbor... my horses were out.   sigh

Appears someone tangled with the temporary electrical fence (no electrical to it at this point) and it came down so everyone decided to head to the other neighbors. 

It seems to always happen on the coldest, or the darkest, or the mostest something or other. 

I didn't have a problem luring them home.  They came pretty willingly, but when it is -10 actual temp you get cold in a hurry.  I was dressed for the cold, but I guess I should have taken time to put some heat packs in my boots.  I fixed the fence, watered the damn things and gave them some grain for being good girls and coming home when I called. 

Times like this I struggle with the old feelings.  Why does it have to be like this?  I shouldn't have to be dealing with this kind of thing at this stage of my life.  I worked and scrimped all my life only to have to start all over.  If only, if only, if only.  

Guess not much I can do, other than to keep working on the starting over.


  1. Hope you have thawed out by now. Your post made me so cold here in the south. Love your pictures of the snow !!!

  2. Animals seem to have a sixth sense for doing anything when the conditions are at their worst. When I had sheep, some ewe ALWAYS had to have her lamb on the night when it was 15 below. They used to get out when the weather was at its worst, too! And I don't even want to think about what my goat would do...Critters do keep you on your toes.

    Keep looking ahead. I know, it's tempting to look back, and ask, "WHY?" Been there, done that, and I still do it sometimes.

    You're a pretty decent writer. I would encourage you to think about doing some freelancing. I've been looking into that myself, since I've come to realize that although I love weaving and quilting, if I try to turn either into a full-time job, I would not be happy doing either for long. Email me if you want, and we can talk about this some more!