Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tying up loose ends

 This weekend has been a catch all kind of weekend.  Lots of little projects that needed finishing...

I got the last of the garden in.  The beds are overfull, but I decided to see how things would turn out even squished together.  I added 3 turned tractor tires this year.  One has strawberries and the other two went to squash and pumpkins.

My asparagus survived its first winter and we had one small meal from a cautious picking and the rest will grow out in this second year.  Next year, depending on its winter survival, we should be able to eat all the asparagus we want!

The rhubarb seems to have taken well, too.  I haven't harvested any yet, but will soon.

Next weekend is my first outdoor event of the summer.  I took the time to tag and measure and price all the finished items.  Now it will be just gathering everything up and hoping for decent weather.

Here are a few of the last of the brown and green warp rugs...

We finally seem to be over winter.  Had frost in spots last weekend, but today it's been hovering at 85 degrees.  We had about 24 hours of 'spring'.   LOL

On the looms next - both of them - will be blue.  Blue denim rugs and all kinds of other blue rugs and runners.

All for now, 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Not enough time, energy or money....

 Seems to be my life lately!  LOL

Not enough time to do what wants or needs to be done....   At least mowing season hasn't started yet, but it will this week.  We've had a terribly cold and wet spring - if you can call it that.  Horses aren't really even shedding out yet.   Today was a sunny day without crazy wind, so daughter and I messed with a couple horses.  Mostly beauty shop - aka scrape some mud off and pick out the winter cockleburrs.   The grandbaby went with dad to check fences with hopes of him taking a nap.  

Not enough energy - that's me -  I have big hopes and lists of what I want to do, but usually run out of steam before I get anywhere near to what I want to do.

Not enough money -  anyone know how to win the lottery??  LOL

Everything we want to do takes some dough.  So much around here needs fixing or updating.  We can't work enough hours to get the $ we need to do the updates which would end up saving us time.   Sigh.  Oh well, eventually! 

Today I found a few minutes to take pictures of finished rugs and runners.  

Had a little photobomber tho.

Eight months old.  Trying to walk...  He's on the move constantly. He has decided he likes human food better than baby food.  We are struggling to find the formula that works for him.  But I guess that's a common thing these days.

Here's a picture of some colored denim rugs I think are kinda neat.

More finished projects are on my facebook page.  renew.rugs.

All for now,

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Spring colors in hopes of spring

 Spring in South Dakota is never early enough :)

We keep getting snow... dreary, cold, windy.

Some colorful tablerunners help just a little bit....

Fourteen runners came off the loom to be finished in preparation for this weekend's vendor event.

Got a few rugs, too

The last two pictured, the fringed ones, have sold already to a local customer.

So this spring thing...  where I live it truly isn't spring until end of May, so there is some time left for the cold to still be around.

All for now,


Saturday, April 2, 2022

Win tickets to attend


I don't do this type of post here on blogland often as I assume most of my readers aren't close by.

This time it's because I have been given 2 free tickets to attend this event to give away.  

If by chance anyone reads this and is close and wants to attend...

Send me a message and I will put you in for a drawing ---  pick up at the entrance of the event.

I will be drawing morning of April 6, so get it to me before then!  

Would be fun to meet someone new!

All for now, 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Getting ready

 Tonite I'm wrapping my head around what all needs to be gathered up for the first vendor show of '22.

I've got new signage and new biz cards....

I need to refill the little basket office I take to events....

And I need to pack up these piles of newest product....

These will be traveling in wheeled suitcases.

I've found it keeps my items clean and safe in the pickup bed that it takes to haul these heavy things around.

Rolling them along is way easier than carrying!

I always have to tell myself to chill out in the last few days before I show.

I tend to want to 'finish all the things'!

I will NEVER finish all the things, so just get busy and take what is done! LOL



Sunday, March 6, 2022

End of the Warps

 I finished up the blacks colorway warp.  It seemed to keep on giving forever :)

This isn't all of them...  Just some of the more colorful ones!

I've got both looms rewarped and weaving.  Union loom has green, brown and tans in the warp so should work for quite alot of the accumulated weft materials in the piles.

The Fairloom has natural, gold, salmon and burgundy.   It's working very well with some of the more colorful bits of weft materials that weren't working with the last warp I had on.

First show of the year is next week...

I've increased my prices on all new pieces, upgraded and replaced my signage and invested in some not home made biz cards.  I should be ready come Friday night when I pack things up.

All for now,


I recently started a new instagram account for my rugs.  Find me at renew.rugs

Friday, February 18, 2022

Color for the winter months

 I have so much fun making tablerunners.  I can usually put on a warp that will work with many different colors of 'rags'.

These finishes have some fun colors in them...

This was the end of the warp on the Fairloom.

I have spent some time giving the loom a once over... it had gotten a little loosey goosey, so some bolt tightening was in order.   Soon I will put on the next table runner warp.  I've got a tote full of fabrics that I felt needed a lighter warp than what I had on, so it is time to start playing with warp colors and deciding on whether I will put a pattern in the warping, or what exactly to do with that.

Just finishing up on the black/charcoal warp, too.  That loom will get browns/greens/ tans on to do a run of those colors.   

Then blue.... The order changed up on me a bit, just because I felt like it :)

All for now,