Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wild Night

Last night it got a little intense here.

I was at a meeting in town....
4-H Leaders if that makes any difference :)

A bit of a storm blew up. 
We could hear the rain, (hail or really big drops?)

Phones started ringing.  Spouses saying "stay there, don't go out in this" etc

We took a look outside.

Just a little bit of rotation in those clouds!  Or maybe I should clarify, LOTS of rotation!

About that time, I went to look out the other side of the building.
Saw lots of rain, wind that was swaying the trees and then...

The trees laid down.

And I, a 46 year old storm lover who had never taken cover unless I was at an event where the organizers of said event required it...

Headed for the womens bathroom ( the storm shelter in the community room)

About then the sirens started blowing.

And then they stopped, and all the lights went out. 
And there we sat.

I got a text from my sister who lives 60 miles away - watching all the weather alerts on tv.
The others were getting calls from home.

We hung out there a good 45 minutes waiting for the rain and wind to let up.
I, and a couple other girls who live close by, decided to head out to check in at home.

The other women stayed because their homes were in the direction the storm was going.

Here are a few pics I lifted from some facebook friends from in town.

These are pics from today during cleanup. The whole town looks like this!
On the way home I drove thru, and yes, I know you're not supposed to drive thru water~  But I was kinda committed before I even realized I was in water!

In town there was generalized flooding, and on the way home there was water running over the road in two places on the way home.  My little car did not like it!

It was still raining when I got home, but I got busy sopping up water in my entry ~ the wind was from that direction and pushed the rain right in around the door.  Also had a little leakage around a window on that side of the house.  
Guess ya gotta expect that when the wind was reported at 80 to 90 mph!  
Reports of 3-5 inches, but not sure how in the heck you can get an accurate measure, when the rain is coming horizontally :)

When the rain let up, I went outside to check things out.  It was still dark and menacing ~ sheet lightning and a brisk breeze.  It was not quite all the way dark, but I couldn't see the horses.  Called them numerous times, but nobody came.  I wanted so bad to walk out and look for them!
But it was dark, it was WET, and it was still electrical. Since there was nothing I could do at home, I got in my truck and went to the neighbors, I could hear them calling for their animals.  They had sheds, fences and equipment tossed about and the animals were scattered.  Unfortunately they lost some infant piglets, and they still were missing a few 4 leggeds when I left for home to continue calling. 

I finally gave up and went to bed.

I didn't sleep very well.

At 3 am, I got up and looked out yet again, and I caught a shadow of a large animal where the horses usually loaf.  So I felt better that at least there was someone out there.  I'd envisioned fried horses (lightening)

I had work to get to this morning, and was able to count all 5 heads before I left for work with directions to the son to do a quick once over for injuries when the sun came up.  After work I came home to see what the damage was.

I don't have trees yet, so my place doesn't look that hard hit.

The horses are all ok.  Sigh of relief.

My fence panel catch pen was all askew.  Easy fix.

A pile of wood was scattered about.  Easy fix.

But my NEW solar fencer...

May be a casualty of the storm. 
The direct lightening strike to my fence may be the reason the horses were afraid to come back home!  Neighbor stopped to tell me he'd had to get cows outa my pasture.  He had cows and calves everywhere.  His herd appeared to have stampeded and scattered.  He thinks the lightening may have had something to do with that, too. 

So, yeah.

It was a wild night....

ps.  One of my friends from the meeting drove by their hay field on the way home.  She couldn't believe it when she saw a large round bale burning in the field. In the rain.  Yup. Lightening.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Do you like rummage sales?  (yard sales, garage sales, etc?)

I do.  I'm not rabid about it, but I enjoy the hunt for things I would like, but won't pay retail for.  Plus, that's pretty much the only way I've been able to get "new" stuff for awhile.  You know that dang thing called a budget?

So, tomorrow I'm having my own rummage sale.  I've been meaning to have one for a couple years now.

Meant to have one before I moved.  Didn't work that way, because of a sudden early push from the new homeowner/ landlord.  Only had 6 weeks to build a foundation and move a house and move all my accumulated stuff of 20 years. 

Yeah, didn't happen.

So I've had these boxes downstairs for a good 20 some months now.  Didn't quite remember what all was in them, but knew I wasn't ready to just give them away.  There was some nice stuff in there.

Wedding gifts of leaded crystal.  Antiques that I had weeded out.  Sports equipment.  Electronic type stuff that we "had to have" at the time.

I wasn't the 'shopper' in the family. 

It was an issue.  :)

I can't believe what all I've found in those boxes.  Believe it or not, so far nothing has even remotely interested me in bringing it back into the fold. 

I just wish I had a little more time and organization to put more out.

Guess I'll have a head start on my next sale!

I just wish I could go to the other 4 sales that are in town tomorrow ... LOL

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Almost wishin' for snow. Almost.

The heat index is 113 degrees.  Wow.


I've been out several times today with fresh cool water for the girls and to give them a new dose of fly spray.  Helps for a bit at least.

Poor girls are sweating just standing there fighting the bugs.

It's too dang hot to cook, too.

I'd planned to put some chicken on the grill.  Nope, not gonna do it!

This is probably going to be the extent of supper.

And maybe some ice cream :)

It would be so nice if it would cool down a bit here.  I've put in my order for days of 72 degrees, sunny and a light breeze. 

Wish it worked that way?

There's a tornado watch across the border in North Dakota - 12 miles away.  I can see the big clouds.  Want.  No.  Rain.  But a cool breeze would be great~

Unfortunately, I think the weather man is saying it'll be this way til Wednesday :(

Saturday, July 16, 2011

In a fog....

Looks foggy here, doesn't it?  :)

It's so ding dang humid and hot here, I can't go outside with the camera without it fogging up. 
Leaving it outside to dry would be iffy.  I don't think it would dry out!

Unusual for South Dakota.  The weatherman this morning said "welcome to Georgia"...  It feels like it!

I thought I'd put up a picture of the horses sweating from fighting flies and mosquitoes.  It's warm, it's humid and this morning, very calm.  Ick!

A breeze has come up making it a little more tolerable, but I'm spending my day inside.
I started it outside chasing the dang neighbor calves outa my pasture.  I really need to get my electric fencer hooked up and snapping.  I was totally soaked by the wet grass and bug spray and sweat by the time I came in.  So not liking it! :)

Working inside on a presentation today for work.  This past week I was put in charge of a project at work to improve a work area.  Me and two summer college temps.  ACK!  

I don't get how they ask temporary employees to do these things! 

I figure I'm going to give it my best shot. Maybe it'll help get me a permanent position with the company...
Maybe it's a test?


A temp.

That's how they do things these days.  That way when they lay off, they can say they didn't lay off employees of theirs, right?  
OH WELL.  It's a job with a living wage. 

I'll take it. 
I'm also taking any oportunity for any of their training opportunities. 
I brought home a workbook --
Elementary Blueprint Reading for Machinists.

Let's see if I can get thru the book and past the quizzes. If so, it may put me in the running for a machinists position.  Machinists are in short supply around here...

If you know of any out of work machinists that would like to experience South Dakota's fun weather and awesome living, send 'em this way!  Bonus for nice, normal, sane single men ~ LOL!

I might know of someone who would have a room for rent :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My ponies, that is...

The weather this summer has been less than ideal.

Spring was cold and wet well into the time we usually are getting warmer.

Then overnight ~

It was HOT and HUMID

That's the recipe for a bumper crop of


Miserable for man and beast.

So why are the girls standing out in the rain today?
Shed is upside down, again.

It went over on Friday while I was at the local 4-H Horse Show.  4 miles away and just a few sprinkles, while here a big blow and a DUMP of rain.

Today severe weather ~ T-storms and tornadoes and lots of wet.

Another weekend shot all to heck~

Not a bit of paint on the house, or organizing done.

Spent time at family reunion activities and did some laundry in prep for the coming work week.  

Something's gotta change!  I've got materials for fence coming soon.  

The clock is ticking and the boy will be going back to college before I know it! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three Day Weekend...

I'm filling my three days with chores, it seems like.

I did spend a bit of time last evening at the lake with fellow coworkers~  Good food and laughs.

Tried to sleep in this morning and then up and doing laundry, mowing my lawn, trying to do a little cleaning, etc.

Haven't painted on the house much lately - or should I say, dear son hasn't painted on the house lately. 

Here's where it's sitting now....

Front is done except for the trim work.

Garage door side needs a second coat on the top part and trimwork.

Now if only we could find the time and energy to get the rest of it done :)