Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Finally some action

FINALLY, after many months, the real estate deal with my parents has gone through.

It took going to a credit union instead of a 'real bank' to get the deal done.  Too many regulations that discriminate against rural/farm/ranch type situations.

So now my parents, at 78 and 80 are finally out of debt.  Their many years of work don't show alot of financial rewards for their efforts, but they will be ok.

So now, my daughter and son in law - and me, are the owners of a house that has been long neglected in the maintenance department, and a small herd of cattle. 

We each have our horses that we brought to the table, and we go forward from here.

Daughter is working remotely part time for her prior employer as contract labor.

I'm working part time in town at a car parts store and weaving rugs, impatiently waiting for the craft fairs to start up again.

Son in law is taking care of cows that are just starting to calve, doing farrier work, some day work for neighbors riding young horses and cleaning up the place.

Today is a rainy dreary day -  I've been weaving as I always do - in my down times.   Morning before work, afternoons, evenings, etc.

Some bright color warp has me being creative....

Not my normal.. :)

Got some coordinating rugs here -  All bed sheets repurposed.

I've got a couple rugs made from old 'mexican' style blankets.  I kind of like these, but they sure are messy to work with.  Makes me sneeze, even with a face mask!

I even tried out a clasped weave, but I sure don't like the colors on this one - good thing there are many differing tastes in the world.  I'm sure someone will like it!

It's a very frustrating time for me -  I go to my job in town and listen to customers that come in brag about getting unemployment from the state, and another 600$ a week from the federal level on top of that.   That's more than they make normally - the other day I heard a guy get offered a job right in front of me ( well paying one, too) and he turned it down saying 'why not stay at home and get paid'?

Yet I don't qualify for anything to replace the lost sales from the cancelled events....

What to do, but cut back as much as possible and look to the future and hope they quit this nonsense and get back to living sooner than later.

All for now,

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hornworm green


That's what this warp made me think of.

I don't normally go this bright, but in my search for weft materials, I stopped at a goodwill store.

Much to my surprise I found a bag of this warp.  All this green  (24 spools) and one lonely bright blue.  Unbelievably priced.   Low.  They didn't know what they had :)

It inspired me.  I added a bit of white, black and brown.   And it reminded me of those funny bright green worms that you find in the garden!

It's pretty bright, but it will add a little sparkle to the wefts I use.

Here are the first finishes....

This is all denim.  Three different greens plus browns, tans, taupes.   Makes for a very unique rug.

Then these matching rugs - I had a request for these colors - she gave me a photo of some flowers - and the size.  I think I have them sold to her.  We will see if we can close the deal this week.

Now I have the rest of the warp to figure out what to do with ---  I've found in my stash some bright lime green bed sheets and hope to mix it with some more sedate colors.  It will stretch my creative muscles I think.

Spring in my part of the world is resisting full implementation.  Again snow yesterday and today.  Downright cold, too.

It's the time of the year a person can get a little stir crazy anyway, and with all the places and things being shut down, it's even more so.

All for now,

Sunday, April 5, 2020

On to the next

Today I finished up the 36 inch wide blue warp on the Union.

Here's a few pics of some of the rugs.

I did mostly denim.   The one big many colored corduroy rug was fun, and at the end of the warp I was scraping the bottom of the barrels to find materials of enough quantity that I thought would work on this warp.

It's done now, so I can move on to the next warp.   It should be a colorful one, you'll have to wait and see when I get it done.

My daily routines haven't changed much.  Unlike many people who have the option to self quarantine,  I'm still going to my day job in town - and trying to produce as much woven stock as possible.

I've missed sales due to cancelled vendor events, and the way this is being handled makes me worry that my rugs sales will be seriously hurt this year. I'm glad I have a job that hasn't been told to shut down.

We've had some nice spring type weather, but are back to winter it seems.  We got freezing rain and snow - so it's white and wet again.  New calves will soon be arriving, so I'm hoping it dries up and warms up.

All for now,