Sunday, April 5, 2020

On to the next

Today I finished up the 36 inch wide blue warp on the Union.

Here's a few pics of some of the rugs.

I did mostly denim.   The one big many colored corduroy rug was fun, and at the end of the warp I was scraping the bottom of the barrels to find materials of enough quantity that I thought would work on this warp.

It's done now, so I can move on to the next warp.   It should be a colorful one, you'll have to wait and see when I get it done.

My daily routines haven't changed much.  Unlike many people who have the option to self quarantine,  I'm still going to my day job in town - and trying to produce as much woven stock as possible.

I've missed sales due to cancelled vendor events, and the way this is being handled makes me worry that my rugs sales will be seriously hurt this year. I'm glad I have a job that hasn't been told to shut down.

We've had some nice spring type weather, but are back to winter it seems.  We got freezing rain and snow - so it's white and wet again.  New calves will soon be arriving, so I'm hoping it dries up and warms up.

All for now,

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