Monday, August 19, 2019

Surprise ending

I surprised myself by finishing up the current warp - I've been calling it the khaki warp.

I had put on the normal amount of warp, but it seemed as if I hadn't done many rugs on it.

Could be that I did alot of 'same type' of rug instead of having to do designing every rug?

So the last rugs off are....

This one was made from 2 large heavyweight tablecloths.  I like it!

Colored denim.  I have two that are about 4 feet long,
and a runner that is about 8 1/2 feet.

Bed sheet rugs.

Finish up bits and pieces twill....

And a soft squishy blanket rug.

I've sent off applications to a couple of new events - Hope to get in... one's a big one about a month out from now.  

I think I better warp up and do some more denim - One reason is to use up and empty some of the 4 big totes I have full of strips ready to sew.  Other reason, I'm about out of hemmed denim rugs, and I only have one left of the "mini" rug size in denim. 

So that's two different warps.  I'm wondering if I have enough blue colorway warp cones?

Guess I better go check.

All for now,

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Drive, drive, drive

Living where I do, it seems as if sometimes all I do is drive.

Since last Wednesday, (7 days ago), I have put on about 1200 miles.  And not all in one direction!

First, I went SW about 45 miles to be a judge at a county fair.  I judged senior 4-H photography.

Then I went S about 180 miles to meet up and welcome my girls home from their 30th birthday drip to Mexico.  I stayed over and the next morning drove home, picked up my parents, and...

Went N about 95 miles for an appointment for my dad.

Next day went west 45 miles for an appointment for me.

And then I went E 40 miles for another dad appointment.

Today I'm only going 30 miles E for an appointment for me.

HA HA.... those are one way miles. 

I think it adds up to about 1200 miles on my new pickup :)

In between there are the daily chores for animals and home.

Somewhere during that time, I picked chokecherries and made jelly.  Three batches!

There have been rugs waiting to be finished and I got them done yesterday.

This isn't all of them, I've got them all on the facebook page if you'd like to see them.

My loom is now in the garage attached to the house.  It is much warmer and more humid than the last location, and I fight flies and other bugs.  Also my mom keeps rearranging so I get to keep searching every time I get out there....  :)

More control over my environment lost -  oy!

The last few evenings I have been contacting vendor events and making decisions on where I will attend this fall.  I think I have made up the list and there will be several new locations for me!

Hope I have enough inventory!

All for now,

Friday, August 2, 2019

Fair Season

It is the season of the fairs.

My hometown 4-H program can be classified as 'small', as we don't have a fairgrounds and not a lot of numbers.

We have always thought of ourselves as "big" in terms of quality of programs, exhibits, and volunteers.

The 4-H program would be nothing without the cooperation between the 4-H advisors, office staff (one person) parents and leaders.  Also many of our judges end up volunteering their time - turning back the remuneration that is offered for their services.

These exhibits are from "my kids".   Our club had a great Achievement Days and it's fun to see how excited they get with their projects and how they start planning immediately for next year!

From my group we also had sheep, goats, calves, and pigs.

Also the club was represented in the Fashion Review show and Public Presentations contest.

Proud of those kids!

On the weaving front,  I've got a new warp on and am weaving memory rugs for an old friend.  She is cleaning out her fathers home and I did a run of khaki/twill rugs made primarily from his pants.  I've added other color pants to have some variety and add something to the light colored fabric.

I still have some of the neutral left and leftovers of the these mixes.  I'm sure I'll figure out how to get some more rugs out of that.

Unfortunately, my loom will be homeless as soon as I can find some helpful muscle to move it.  My brother is finishing up his office space that I've been occupying and I'm now "in the way".   My equipment may have to go back into storage unless I can find a spot here in a garage or something. 

I'm 'over' this being in limbo.  Something needs to change.

All for now,