Sunday, September 3, 2017

It's a crapshoot

New to me sale venues are always a crapshoot.

Last week found me in a town 3 1/2 hours from home at a Threshing Show.  My daughter lives in this town, that is the only reason I considered going to this one.   Free bed :)

While I was researching, I asked numerous times, in numerous ways whether other rug sellers are there.  I was told several times that they had in the past, but they hadn't heard from that person this year yet.  I was then told after I asked, if they came in after me, they would be turned away to eliminate doubles of the same type of item.

This was a 4 day show, a first for me - I've only done 1-2 days.

Well, I won't be going back :)

I paid for an indoor booth.  I had taken my canopy with just in case I decided I needed to create a store like area.  Glad it was a bit rainy, too, as I covered my load with my floor tarp.

See the dirt?  Ended up the indoor was a metal barn with gravel floors and a leaky roof.  Not that that would be a deal breaker, but it sure seems the organizers could have been more upfront with the conditions!  Pure luck had me bring what I needed for those conditions.

And here's the kicker....   A weaving/fiber group- for the last 30 years- demonstrates and sells rugs as a fund raiser for the threshing grounds.  And they have their items priced at a deep discount. 

Can you guess how my sales were?   LOL

This is obviously not my target market --  I was even told to my face I was overpriced!   I did enjoy the weekend, visiting with long lost relatives that recognized my name (my sister is trying to determine how we are related)  old friends of friends, and even some weavers that reassured me that I have not overpriced and they gave me compliments on and admired my rugs.

So I brush myself off, and get ready for the next -- This week I will be at an outdoor event.   There is a winery about an hour from me.  In NorthEast South Dakota of all places :)   Their 4th annual Grape Stomp and Festival sounds like a fun time.  We will see! 

All for now,  JULIE