Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weaving, gifted

I just remembered!

I had said I'd put up a picture of the weaving gift I'd done the other night.

Made a simple, plain weave scarf for my sister. 

I used some yarn that I picked up at a rummage sale awhile back, so not really recycled, but close!

This yarn was chosen for the color :)

I started it and finished it in one night.  

Sigh. Back to work tonite.
Short week due to the holiday so only 4 twelve hour shifts.

I've got to pump myself up a bit.  I woke up at 8:30 this morning.  It's gonna be a long day ;)
All for now, JULIE

Monday, December 26, 2011

What I Did on Christmas Day

Since I was alone and a little bit bored, I finally got myself to finish up this coat hanger.
It's from a piece of window trim and some old door knobs.  It only took me 1/2 an hour, tops.  Why has it taken me a year to get done?

Also made some of these stockings, just because.  They still don't have hanging loops~ my sewing machine decided to be difficult, and when she gets like that, it's best to just walk away :)

I'll probably send a set of 5 north to my brother and his family in Canada.  My parents tend to drive up on a whim, so it's best to have everything gathered that I want sent up.  I don't seem to think far enough in advance to plan for mailing/shipping time to get gifts there before Christmas.  Good thing they don't get too hung up on dates, I don't think I'll be able to change that at my age.

It's been good having a break from work, but my sleeping schedule is messed up.  If I'm awake before noon, I drag.  I take a short nap, and then I'm up till 4 am again.  Sigh.  It's probably best that the holidays are over and I can get on a regular schedule.  Just go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep, etc.  Makes for a dull life, but I guess it is what it is at this point.  One daughter is heading back to college tomorrow, she's got work hours scheduled.  The other daughter is still recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and I'm not sure when she'll head back~ probably before the weekend so she can party on New Years with friends...

The son is putting in hours at work over his break.  He also had his wisdom teeth removed, so has had this week off.  Pretty sure he'll be around until he can get back into his dorm the second week of January.

Weather is still great here.  Warm by South Dakota standards, no snow as the bits we've gotten pretty much melted.  It's a bit windy here, but that's ok as long as there isn't snow!

All for now~  JULIE

Friday, December 23, 2011


Somebody was on the table last night...

Darn kitty!  
Guess that is why I covered the cookies before I went to bed at 3 AM!

And, no, I'm not going overboard and burning the midnight oil to get ready for Christmas.
I've apparently adjusted to the night shift work schedule.

It's hard to be productive in the dark, 
but I make myself do something since I'm awake while the rest of the world is asleep!

Can't believe it's December 23.  Where did fall go?  I'm not feeling like it's Christmas at all.

Also last night I decided to decorate a tree.  
Thought it might help me get in the mood.

I used to do ALOT of baking, decorating, gift making, etc...

I'm going "easy" in my old age.

I decorated my 'barn' or 'stable' tree.
Just lights, some rope with bandana bows and stuffed barnyard animals.
Also goose eggs from my days at the goose farm.
Someday I'll find the perfect star to put on top.

Still need to go find a creche to put under the tree and that's about it for decorating.

I've got a pic of some weaving I did last weekend in the wee hours of the morning, but it's a gift...
Better not put it here until it's been gifted!

A late dinner here tomorrow ( aka noon meal - that's what we call it here, evening meal is supper! )
 open the few gifts that are being exchanged and probably candlelight services in the evening. 

Other than that? 

I don't go back to work til Tuesday afternoon :)

Resting includes doing things around the house, my choice, my pace.
That's 'rest' to me :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is where I went on vacation...

National anthem by Trace Adkins....

National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas!

The trip was WAY too short, but I had a good time.

Now it's back to the old grind.  
Back to South Dakota weather, which I have to admit is pretty darn good for December, but much colder than Vegas!

If you ever have thought about going to see this rodeo, do.  
Awesome show!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Great sunset pic by my daughter, Leah!

Take this as a hint what my trip will include :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Waited 25 years for an automatic water. 

Buckets and hoses, winter and summer.

After much procrastination and trying to figure it all out, we've got it done!

Today the girls are figuring it out.  From Flutter's stance, you can tell she's a little apprehensive, but she knows where the water is!

All set in regards for the girls and my vacation.  Hay and water are all taken care of.   :0)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update on my weird life

So, yes, I said I'd hope to be more regular with my posts.  Still working on that!

Since I last posted, I have become a night shift worker.  Not liking that.  Not a night person.  Can't seem to sleep during the day. Most definately a morning person!

My work schedule is thus...  I punch in at 3:15 PM and work until 4 AM the next morning.  That's Monday thru Thursday, folks.  Then I go on Friday and work "only" until 2 AM.  That is, at least, until the mandatory overtime is repealed.  It's looking like it could be soon.  I've come to find most night shift employees aren't interested in overtime work.  They don't tend to "bust a**" either like the day shift.  Or that's what they tell me LOL. 

It's a bit frustrating.

Of course timing is always not good.  I had scheduled a craft fair that fell on my first weekend after the change.  It was our local that I help organize, so no getting out of it~

Here's a picture of my booth.

Nothing much fancy.  Mostly I just went and found all my "stuff" that I don't take to most of my shows.  I'm a little short on rug inventory~ no denim!  Weird tho, what do you think I sold????

I sold dog sweaters.  Makes me chuckle.  Throw away sweaters that I hacked the arms off of.  Some of them I didn't even have trimmed to shape or with leg holes yet.  I sold them as "green" and "adjustable" and cut them to shape while the customer waited.

You never can tell what is gonna sell on any given day!

This past week I had a short work week.  Only 2 shifts.  I'm enjoying the break!  I'm trying to do "get ready for winter" stuff.  An auto waterer is going in.  Hope to have that done this weekend if the electrician can make it tomorrow!  Yard pickup of all the tools and odd bits and pieces that are strewn about. 

Put a bale of hay out for the girls~ we got a bit of snow today and it's blustery and cold. Made arrangements for Cooper to stay at the vet's dogtel this coming weekend...

I'm going on vacation!

I must get my preparations complete by Monday 3 PM.  After that I won't have time to pack or otherwise. Unfortunately I will be working til 4 AM on Thursday morning and have to drive to the airport 4 hours away.  My flight is at 1:30ish.  So no sleep for me til I get on the plane.  That's the only thing I'm not looking forward to!

If I don't manage to get another post in before then, I will be back on the flip side.  Hope I get some good pics!

Tired always,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kinda Embarrassing....

You know how it feels when you haven't been to church for awhile?  It's hard to darken the door.  You are kinda embarrassed, kinda ashamed, kinda, I don't know.  You feel a little guilty you haven't taken the time to do something you really should be doing.

Not that that is the only reason to go, because I should, but because of this guilt thing built into me by my upbringing I feel like "less than" when I'm not "perfect".

What's that got to do with this post?

That's kinda the feeling I'm having right now. 

It's been forever since I took the time to sit down and put my thoughts out there.  Not that I haven't wanted to, or thought about doing it, or even longed to craft a post. 

It's the breaking the ice of my absence here that is hard :)

What is it that has kept me away?  Hard to say~

I am working that mandatory overtime thing yet.  Fifty eight hours a week.

I've been tying up loose ends in regards to my "full time" employment.  Physical, background check, proof I'm an American citizen and can legally work.  Can you believe the company that did the verification actually called me regarding my 'self employment'?  They wanted the name and number of my accountant or bookkeeper so they could verify I was self employed.  Ummmm... self employed in my world means I do everything!  Whatever!

I've managed to get pretty darn close to finishing THE FENCE.

I've got ends yet to do.  I'll have to cut some cross rails to size and slip them in an end post.  That will take some thought and precision.  Kinda scared to do it since I'm so tired all the time.  Think I'll make a mistake and waste the darn things!

Another view in the other direction.  That's DeeDee in exhile in the background.  She is still in drylot.  I have been moving the fence panels a bit each day so she gets to graze a little bit in addition to her ration of hay. She is cleaning up some rough spots~ two birds with one stone, ya know...   It's frozen a couple times here, but I think the grass is still not cured enough for her to be on full time, so it's twice daily feeding for me.  4:30 am feedings stink.  You see the light pole, but no light on it yet.  It's a little bit dark so I shine my car headlights that direction and take her her hay as I leave for work.

Today has been very unproductive.  I MUST pay bills yet today, I attended a fall dinner at my church, and I've done chores.  Not enough when I do nothing the rest of the week.  I did do my laundry yesterday afternoon.  Even folded it. LOL

I'm missing the creative activities.  I just pulled this out of the bag from when I went to the Fiber Fair. 

I got myself a super simple drop spindle.  I'm not thinking I'm going to be doing bunches of spinning or anything.  It's interesting, but I don't have the burning desire to do it, so I'll leave well enough alone.  Enough to do already!  What I got it for was to be able to ply some of the scavenged yarns that I've gotten from old sweaters.  Some of the nicer yarns are pretty dang fine, and being as I'm more of a "rustic" type of girl I wanted to make them bulkier.  I'm doing some very fine light green yarn with some angora white.  The resulting yarn is much stronger and I really like the color.  Eventually I'll make this into a scarf.

This is a slow process at this point.  I'm all thumbs yet!

So the bill paying process is calling me.  All for now and hope to be present here again sooner than later!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby's got new shoes...

Isn't it interesting how a person (me) has no problem whatsoever paying for specialty shoes for DeeDee, but balks at buying myself a new pair of work shoes?

Last week I found a very sore horse in the pasture.

Poor Dee ~ she foundered.  First time in her 20 years.  Grass founder of all things.  My wonder farrier said he's had oodles of horses he's worked on this fall with the same problem. 

It's all got to do with this summer's growing conditions and the weather this fall. 

She got clogs!  They basically protect the sore sole and take the pressure off.  She is already moving alot better!

Thankfully, I caught it early and with a dose of banamine, a weeks worth of bute, and these special shoes, she should be just fine.

The hardest part about her treatment?

Someone is now on a diet :)

More green grass at this point would make her feet worse.  So she is now in dry lot conditions with just a small amount of grass hay twice a day.

She could stand to lose a few anyway.  She's plenty prosperous!

Of course she thinks she's starving to death....

All for now~  JULIE

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bit by bit

Bit by bit I am making progress. 

I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I get discouraged!

Here's how far I've gotten with the new loom...

Man o man was this loom taken apart!  Way more dismantled than it would have needed to be.

But then some things that probably should have been removed weren't...

Obviously the previous owners were inexperienced :)

Got myself a Newcomb!  It's a 4 harness, but #3 & 4 have never been installed.

This is a big girl.  Bigger footprint than my union.  Wider weaving width, too.  I've got the basics under control, but may need to do some more research when it's time to put on the harnesses and the ratchet to tighten up / advance the weaving.  It's not obvious yet to me how it all goes together.  Maybe as I get farther into it, it will be more clear.  I do have a book with it, but the pictures aren't the same as the loom.  Typical.

Reason this is as far as I've gotten?

I'm still trying to finish up outside projects before snow flies.

Got started on this tonite.

I'm putting up some split rail...  it's pretty easy, the posts aren't that long so not very deep holes to dig.  Problem is I'm doing it all manual.  A shovel and a twisty post hole digger with only one handle.  It's what I've got!

Here's the line up of parts for this section of the fence.  Too bad I've got two more sections after this to do.  I'm gonna have to pick up the pace - will need to dig more than 3 holes a night to get done in time!

Unfortunately work is taking up alot of my time.  We are now in Mandatory Overtime.  I've averaged about 55 hours a week since I started back in March.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Hey! Good news.  I think.

I am in the process of becoming a permanent employee.  Problem is I have to go to night shift to do it.  :(

Not looking forward to that - I'm a morning person.

All for now~ JULIE

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bonus Items

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had found a loom that I was pretty sure I was gonna get myself.

Well, this weekend I went and got it.

I might as well start at the beginning :)

Last Monday at work, I figuratively "hit a wall".  I was toast.

Then and there, I knew I needed to take some days off.  I had already planned on not working Saturday, but at that moment I went and requested Friday off, also.  I made it thru the rest of the week, barely, as I also learned that my old dog ( the one I lost in the divorce) had to be put down ... but that's  a different story for another time.  Much to deal with with that situation. 

That meant 3 day weekend.  Haven't had two days off in a row in awhile, much less three :)

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I can make myself rest ~ by now I'm sure you can tell I don't "do nothing" very well.

On Friday I messed around at home doing laundry and a bit of cleaning.  I resisted the urge to start messing with new fence, LOL.

In the afternoon I took off on my planned route.  Being me, I didn't have just one thing to be accomplished, I had several.  As it turns out, I made 6 different stops along the way, putting on over 400 miles. 

First stop (Watertown)  was dropping off a sewing machine for my friend at the repair shop... then having time to kill before my appointment with the loom lady -

Stop two (Clear Lake) was at a high school friend to see her, her family and her mom.  Her mom is actually my ex's aunt, but she feels like mine, too.  She has been ill and since I was in the area, I made sure to stop.  It was nice seeing my high school friend, too.  She is one of the very few I am still in contact with - probably always will be :)

Then off to get my loom! (Dell Rapids)  It was 8 PM when I got to the rural farmhouse-  Loaded up pieces and parts to Newcomb Loom!  Four Harness, Six treadle, sectional beam.  I'll be posting a pic or two when I get it put back together.

There was also a box of accessories that went with, that I didn't really look at at the time... This is what I found.

Leclerc tension box.  Frasier Cutter AND a Rigby Cutter!!!! 

Also, some weaving and warping books. 

A spool tree and warping hooks and some shuttles were also there.  A nice set up!

Being that it was now after my bedtime and I was fading fast, I took off for Dakota State College (Madison) .  I was going to spend the night at my daughters apartment.  Also saw the son, who was staying over, too.

Left first thing in the morning for the next stop at South Dakota State College (Brookings) to see child number 3.  She had a team event that I took in and then saw her very nice apartment she is sharing with 3 other girls.  Had dinner with her and her sis who had come up to visit, and then took off for points north.

At that point I was back at my first stop (Watertown)  .  I picked up the finished sewing machine, plus another one, and then made my way to the North Country Fiber Fair.   I watched a sheep dog demo, looked briefly at the vendor booths, and bought a fun tool that I am going to be using with my salvaged yarn.  More on that another day...

Then the last chore - Walmart for supplies.  That is always fun- not... but needed. 

I drove into home (Britton) at about 8:30 just before full dark, unloaded my treasures from the truck, and went to bed. 

Totally exhausted.

Today I've puttered about in my basement, making room for my new loom.  I've got all the pieces down there, but quickly decided the brain power isn't up to snuff to tackle that today.

That's why you're going to have to wait on pictures of the loom!

All for now from a tired, but excited, 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Writing myself a note...

I've got a haircut tomorrow.

Thought I'd better write a note for myself seeing as how I never know what day it is.

It's not unusual for me to go thru a day, thinking constantly that I have this "thing" that I have to do right after work.  But then I get distracted and totally space that "thing" off!

Must mean I'm tired or have too many things on my mind right?  Not that I'm totally dumb... HAHA

But then there is the "forget to read my notes" problem I have!

I've figured out a nifty little trick....

Can't lose this note, and it's under my nose all day long.

Whatever it takes, right?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hard tellin

Hard tellin' where the next bit of weaving material will come from in my world...

A couple of months ago at work, I was asked by one of my coworkers if I could sew new covers for pillows.  They had gotten a new camper and wanted new matching pillows for the new place.

They also asked if I'd weave them a rug from the same material...

Well,  I ended up suggesting a black denim rug - I had one in the size they needed and thought it would work for them, and sewed them up the pillows. 

Of course, I took the finished products into work for them :)

Now, yesterday, another coworker came to me and asked me if I was interested in some 'pillow trim'.

She said they had been cleaning out her mothers place and thought since I was "crafty" I might be able to put this to use.   Tell you the truth, I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by pillow trim.  So I said I'd take a look.

Check out what I brought home ~ and she wouldn't take a penny for it...

There is this chunky trim... 2 black and 1 tan.  Whole bolts of the stuff!

And thereis this taupey colored chenille type fringy stuff.   Another whole bolt~

And this... There are miles of this stuff!  Probably not quite, but there is oodles of this.  A full spool and a partial.

I've already got ideas cookin' in the ole brain for the stuff on the spools. 

Now I need to find the time and energy to try it out :)

Like I said.  Hard tellin' where I'll find the next inspiration!

All for now, it's my bedtime :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

That chore is done

Today I forced myself to finish painting the trim on my house.  The man boy did get the body of the thing painted before he went back off to college, but it was up to me to finish.

Remember this?  Guess it looks a little better now :)

It feels like I've got nothing done this summer, but when I am honest with myself...

The painting is done, and there is a lawn!

Any ideas for me?  I think my front door could be a different color than white, but what color?

Or maybe some kind of decoration/treatment/ ??? to make the door not look so .... little?

And I need to plant something ~ man is it bare looking! 

I do still have to get my split rail fence put up.  It's lying in a pile in the side yard.  If only I was going to be home tomorrow, I might actually feel the urge to start.

Instead I'm going to the State Fair.  Mostly to pick up the county 4-H exhibits, but while I'm there I'll take a quick look around.  Miss the days when I could spend the entire week there...

Still working mega hours...  I sure needed this holiday.  I got two days away!  I'll only have a five day week this week, instead of 6!   Too bad I didn't do much resting :)

Somebody take a moment and have some fun for me this holiday weekend, k?

Friday, August 26, 2011


Touching base here.  Boy does time fly the older you get.  I remember when I was a kid and people saying that.  I know what they mean, now!

Well, both my girls have come and gone, and tomorrow the boy is gone, too.

Sad sigh.

Trying to look on the bright side~  I can clean the house and it might stay that way a bit longer!

Less laundry....

Smaller grocery store bills !!!!!

Hmmm... what else?  Hard to think of the positives when the negatives are staring you in the face!

Good news~  The house is painted, except for the trim around the windows and doors.  I'm going to try and get that done asap ~  Wish I had a younger body.  I've been working ALOT.  Last week 60 hours and this week will be 58.  Looks like this situation will last a bit longer, too. 

Not signing up for any craft fairs at this point.  They can't compete with a 'for sure' overtime check.

I have spoken for a loom.  Decided I'm gonna buy it.  Now I just need to find the time and energy to drive the 3+(one way)  hours to go get it.  Details will be forthcoming when it actually gets here :)

All for now.  I am going to go crawl in bed, turn on a movie and doze off.  The alarm is set for 4 AM.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Still Here....

Haven't fallen off the face of the earth, as far as I can tell.

I've spent some time fighting with my computer and blogger.  Seem to have that situation on an even keel for the time being....

I've got the shed back upright  ~ which means that there will be a storm soon to blow it back over. 

Poor thing is getting a bit rumpled!

No weaving, or sewing, or crafting.

I've been doing a little painting, the outside of the house kind.  I should be out there right now. The weather is gorgeous. 

I had a rummage sale, got rid of loads.  Didn't make much money, but how would I when I priced everything a dollar or less? 

Working, working.  You know? I could get so much done if this thing called work didn't get in my way!

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, the son came home from his shift.  He was so dirty I had to take a picture.  Remember, this is at about 4:10 AM!!!

He is such a goofoff... It's hard to get a picture~  Thing is, I haven't been able to break him of his habit of coming all the way into the house with his work shoes on, and hanging on the door frames with his greasy dirty body.  I've decided to do a really good clean when he goes back to college.  It's hopeless otherwise!

My girls will be home soon.  The closest one that's within the state's borders, will be home this weekend.

The girly in New Mexico won't be home for another two weeks or so. 

It's their birthday today, and I can't wait to see them.  Too bad they both will only be around a couple days before they have to get to school :(

I'm a little bummed out.  Summer is almost over.  Winter is coming and there is so much I didn't get to do. At least the fun stuff.   It seemed this summer it was either cold and rainy, or hot and humid, or extremely buggy.  The conditions for getting projects done so I could go have fun just didn't happen much.  Just the last few days have been nice~  And here I am stuck at work for 10 1/2 hours getting too dang tired to do anything much when I get home.


We had a little excitement here the other night.  A high speed chase coming out of North Dakota crashed in the slough just a mile northeast of here.  Manhunt! Never did find the guy.  He stole another car (the fourth) just down the road from me, but blew the transmission on it a few miles down the road.

Shaking my head...

They woulda just had to let him sit it out overnight in the slough. 

The mosquitoes woulda taken care of him.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wild Night

Last night it got a little intense here.

I was at a meeting in town....
4-H Leaders if that makes any difference :)

A bit of a storm blew up. 
We could hear the rain, (hail or really big drops?)

Phones started ringing.  Spouses saying "stay there, don't go out in this" etc

We took a look outside.

Just a little bit of rotation in those clouds!  Or maybe I should clarify, LOTS of rotation!

About that time, I went to look out the other side of the building.
Saw lots of rain, wind that was swaying the trees and then...

The trees laid down.

And I, a 46 year old storm lover who had never taken cover unless I was at an event where the organizers of said event required it...

Headed for the womens bathroom ( the storm shelter in the community room)

About then the sirens started blowing.

And then they stopped, and all the lights went out. 
And there we sat.

I got a text from my sister who lives 60 miles away - watching all the weather alerts on tv.
The others were getting calls from home.

We hung out there a good 45 minutes waiting for the rain and wind to let up.
I, and a couple other girls who live close by, decided to head out to check in at home.

The other women stayed because their homes were in the direction the storm was going.

Here are a few pics I lifted from some facebook friends from in town.

These are pics from today during cleanup. The whole town looks like this!
On the way home I drove thru, and yes, I know you're not supposed to drive thru water~  But I was kinda committed before I even realized I was in water!

In town there was generalized flooding, and on the way home there was water running over the road in two places on the way home.  My little car did not like it!

It was still raining when I got home, but I got busy sopping up water in my entry ~ the wind was from that direction and pushed the rain right in around the door.  Also had a little leakage around a window on that side of the house.  
Guess ya gotta expect that when the wind was reported at 80 to 90 mph!  
Reports of 3-5 inches, but not sure how in the heck you can get an accurate measure, when the rain is coming horizontally :)

When the rain let up, I went outside to check things out.  It was still dark and menacing ~ sheet lightning and a brisk breeze.  It was not quite all the way dark, but I couldn't see the horses.  Called them numerous times, but nobody came.  I wanted so bad to walk out and look for them!
But it was dark, it was WET, and it was still electrical. Since there was nothing I could do at home, I got in my truck and went to the neighbors, I could hear them calling for their animals.  They had sheds, fences and equipment tossed about and the animals were scattered.  Unfortunately they lost some infant piglets, and they still were missing a few 4 leggeds when I left for home to continue calling. 

I finally gave up and went to bed.

I didn't sleep very well.

At 3 am, I got up and looked out yet again, and I caught a shadow of a large animal where the horses usually loaf.  So I felt better that at least there was someone out there.  I'd envisioned fried horses (lightening)

I had work to get to this morning, and was able to count all 5 heads before I left for work with directions to the son to do a quick once over for injuries when the sun came up.  After work I came home to see what the damage was.

I don't have trees yet, so my place doesn't look that hard hit.

The horses are all ok.  Sigh of relief.

My fence panel catch pen was all askew.  Easy fix.

A pile of wood was scattered about.  Easy fix.

But my NEW solar fencer...

May be a casualty of the storm. 
The direct lightening strike to my fence may be the reason the horses were afraid to come back home!  Neighbor stopped to tell me he'd had to get cows outa my pasture.  He had cows and calves everywhere.  His herd appeared to have stampeded and scattered.  He thinks the lightening may have had something to do with that, too. 

So, yeah.

It was a wild night....

ps.  One of my friends from the meeting drove by their hay field on the way home.  She couldn't believe it when she saw a large round bale burning in the field. In the rain.  Yup. Lightening.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Do you like rummage sales?  (yard sales, garage sales, etc?)

I do.  I'm not rabid about it, but I enjoy the hunt for things I would like, but won't pay retail for.  Plus, that's pretty much the only way I've been able to get "new" stuff for awhile.  You know that dang thing called a budget?

So, tomorrow I'm having my own rummage sale.  I've been meaning to have one for a couple years now.

Meant to have one before I moved.  Didn't work that way, because of a sudden early push from the new homeowner/ landlord.  Only had 6 weeks to build a foundation and move a house and move all my accumulated stuff of 20 years. 

Yeah, didn't happen.

So I've had these boxes downstairs for a good 20 some months now.  Didn't quite remember what all was in them, but knew I wasn't ready to just give them away.  There was some nice stuff in there.

Wedding gifts of leaded crystal.  Antiques that I had weeded out.  Sports equipment.  Electronic type stuff that we "had to have" at the time.

I wasn't the 'shopper' in the family. 

It was an issue.  :)

I can't believe what all I've found in those boxes.  Believe it or not, so far nothing has even remotely interested me in bringing it back into the fold. 

I just wish I had a little more time and organization to put more out.

Guess I'll have a head start on my next sale!

I just wish I could go to the other 4 sales that are in town tomorrow ... LOL

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Almost wishin' for snow. Almost.

The heat index is 113 degrees.  Wow.


I've been out several times today with fresh cool water for the girls and to give them a new dose of fly spray.  Helps for a bit at least.

Poor girls are sweating just standing there fighting the bugs.

It's too dang hot to cook, too.

I'd planned to put some chicken on the grill.  Nope, not gonna do it!

This is probably going to be the extent of supper.

And maybe some ice cream :)

It would be so nice if it would cool down a bit here.  I've put in my order for days of 72 degrees, sunny and a light breeze. 

Wish it worked that way?

There's a tornado watch across the border in North Dakota - 12 miles away.  I can see the big clouds.  Want.  No.  Rain.  But a cool breeze would be great~

Unfortunately, I think the weather man is saying it'll be this way til Wednesday :(

Saturday, July 16, 2011

In a fog....

Looks foggy here, doesn't it?  :)

It's so ding dang humid and hot here, I can't go outside with the camera without it fogging up. 
Leaving it outside to dry would be iffy.  I don't think it would dry out!

Unusual for South Dakota.  The weatherman this morning said "welcome to Georgia"...  It feels like it!

I thought I'd put up a picture of the horses sweating from fighting flies and mosquitoes.  It's warm, it's humid and this morning, very calm.  Ick!

A breeze has come up making it a little more tolerable, but I'm spending my day inside.
I started it outside chasing the dang neighbor calves outa my pasture.  I really need to get my electric fencer hooked up and snapping.  I was totally soaked by the wet grass and bug spray and sweat by the time I came in.  So not liking it! :)

Working inside on a presentation today for work.  This past week I was put in charge of a project at work to improve a work area.  Me and two summer college temps.  ACK!  

I don't get how they ask temporary employees to do these things! 

I figure I'm going to give it my best shot. Maybe it'll help get me a permanent position with the company...
Maybe it's a test?


A temp.

That's how they do things these days.  That way when they lay off, they can say they didn't lay off employees of theirs, right?  
OH WELL.  It's a job with a living wage. 

I'll take it. 
I'm also taking any oportunity for any of their training opportunities. 
I brought home a workbook --
Elementary Blueprint Reading for Machinists.

Let's see if I can get thru the book and past the quizzes. If so, it may put me in the running for a machinists position.  Machinists are in short supply around here...

If you know of any out of work machinists that would like to experience South Dakota's fun weather and awesome living, send 'em this way!  Bonus for nice, normal, sane single men ~ LOL!

I might know of someone who would have a room for rent :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My ponies, that is...

The weather this summer has been less than ideal.

Spring was cold and wet well into the time we usually are getting warmer.

Then overnight ~

It was HOT and HUMID

That's the recipe for a bumper crop of


Miserable for man and beast.

So why are the girls standing out in the rain today?
Shed is upside down, again.

It went over on Friday while I was at the local 4-H Horse Show.  4 miles away and just a few sprinkles, while here a big blow and a DUMP of rain.

Today severe weather ~ T-storms and tornadoes and lots of wet.

Another weekend shot all to heck~

Not a bit of paint on the house, or organizing done.

Spent time at family reunion activities and did some laundry in prep for the coming work week.  

Something's gotta change!  I've got materials for fence coming soon.  

The clock is ticking and the boy will be going back to college before I know it! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three Day Weekend...

I'm filling my three days with chores, it seems like.

I did spend a bit of time last evening at the lake with fellow coworkers~  Good food and laughs.

Tried to sleep in this morning and then up and doing laundry, mowing my lawn, trying to do a little cleaning, etc.

Haven't painted on the house much lately - or should I say, dear son hasn't painted on the house lately. 

Here's where it's sitting now....

Front is done except for the trim work.

Garage door side needs a second coat on the top part and trimwork.

Now if only we could find the time and energy to get the rest of it done :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

On the road again.

Tomorrow's plan includes a trip to a neighboring town to try and sell some weaving!

Summertime is such a busy time ~

Lawns to be mown...

Fences to be fixed and built...

Pasture weeds to be sprayed...

Houses to be painted...

etc. etc. etc.

I wonder why I can't find the time to do the things I 'want' to do?

I haven't been weaving much.  What time I can carve out I have been doing some organizing of weft materials and also trying to prepare for a rummage sale.  I'm a little overwhelmed with the STUFF in my life ~  hard to be creative under those conditions!

Hoping for good weather tomorrow ~ You know?  I had to pick from 3 different 125th celebrations that I could have gone to within the area.  Next week there's a couple more I could go to.

You can easily tell when the area was settled.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Not that I really have any extra time or energy to rehab a loom.... I brought one home last weekend.

It has some funky hot pink and neon green warp on it.  Can you tell this loom was in a barn?  The warp is gonna come off soon and going in the garbage!

It's a six harness, six treadle jack loom.  I can't find any ID on the loom as to who made it.

This loom had been in the basement, but got wet.  Since then it's been in the barn...  Looks like some critter chewed on it slightly in places.  It's got some water marks and the wood is dry.  The back and front beams need to be reglued and it needs a good cleaning and oiling.

The worst of the damage is in the treadles.  I think I'll probably have someone make me 6 new ones and replace them completely. 

I made the 100 mile one way trip to look at a rug loom.  Maybe I'm spoiled from the sturdiness of my Union, but this doesn't seem to be strong enough to weave a tight rug on!  Not to mention there won't be much of a shed that I can tell.

I think this loom is headed for making tablerunners and scarves if I can get it functional.

I think the price for the loom was fair ~ $25, but when you drive a gas hog pickup 200 miles you're already in the $100 range!  Still, not too bad :)

Who knows when I'll get around to cleaning this up.  Lack of motivation is a problem here these days.

So much to do, it's hard to get started.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Would you believe this rug is made from some discarded drapery?

Broke a rule with this one...

I've been told not to use curtains that have the rubber lining.

I do.
On a regular basis.

They make a nice sturdy rug!  The stripes in this curtain made a cool honeycomb type pattern....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A matching set

These two runner rugs are a matching pair.  At least in color and materials - they do measure a little differently, so maybe they are more of a matched set?   Technicalities :)

I paired two different twin size bed coverlets.  Not sure the vintage~ somewhere in the 60's or 70's.  I remember having this style of bedspread when I was a kid.  I wasn't sure I wanted a solid blue of this color, it seemed too "sweet" of a blue for my taste, and the tan was a little boring.

I think the stripe look turned out great!   These are nice sturdy rugs without being to thick. 

I spent a little time trying to sort weft materials last night.  I am overwhelmed right now with the piles.  I can't see what I have or find what I think I have, so I purchased some clear trash bags and am sorting it out that way.  Should keep everything clean but still be able to see what I have without opening every single bag!

I found two more of this style of bedspreads so I think I'll work them up the same way when the colorway is right.

It's a cool breezy damp day here. 'Twould be good for a nap, but I'm going to try and avoid that :)