Monday, December 2, 2019

Almost to the end, and the future

Since my last post, I've been to 3 vendor events. Two events were awesome, and the one in the middle was OK.  Not sure if I'll go back to that one next year....  we'll see what the calender looks like next fall!

I am seeing holes in my inventory - I think there is only one hemmed denim regular width rug.  Many of the bright colorful rugs are gone, and even the neutral light ones are getting to be gone.  Still some very nice rugs, some of my favorites are still there - Plenty of Christmassy table runners and such, so I have plenty going into this last small show this weekend.  But I'm glad it's the last one for awhile.

 This past week was an open week for me, thank goodness, as this happened...

Big snow event. 

Also I am home alone and in charge of chores again.

So, big changes around here.  I had mentioned my parents moved to an apartment in town...

So it was my brother and I here at the ranch- he has been the person who was supposed to take care of things these last 5-6 years.  He hasn't wanted to do that, so consequently, it hasn't been done as well as it could have been. Finally something had to be done because of finances.  My daughter and her husband have decided to buy a portion of the ranch and my dad's cows.  We are still waiting on financing from the bank - it is crazy the hoops you have to jump thru to do this -

My son in law came up about 3 weeks ago and the two of us have been trying to get things set for winter - weaned calves, bought hay, fixed what we could with what we have.   Since the banks are being difficult, my parents have to retain ownership for a bit yet, and the kids have to take a leap of faith that the financing will come thru.  My brother has abandoned us to pick up the pieces that he created and we are on our own.

So last week J (the son in law) went home to work his own cows and to pack up and prepare for the move.  He will be coming back this week sometime, weather permitting.  He also went to see L (my daughter)  LOL

Of course, right before he left, the old, worn out, touchy skid loader went to pot.  It is sitting out by the pasture locked up and can't be moved without fixing it.  We tried, but finally we had to throw in the towel because of the holiday and the need for J to get going.

We threw ourselves at the mercy of a neighbor to come and feed hay (as much as we could) and hoped the weather would cooperate.  Well, from the pictures you can tell it didn't!

Finally today, the neighbor could come back with his tractor and we fed hay and he pushed some snow so I could get out and around.

We are desperately looking for a tractor to purchase ---   I guess I'm doing that instead of a house :)

I am feeling my age - trudging thru snow carrying buckets of grain, and pitching hay to my horses is very tiring.  The lack of equipment and the state of the facilities is hard to deal with, but now we can move forward and have some control of the inputs and outcomes.

I didn't get in to my job today - thankfully my bosses are understanding.

I'm looking forward to working with my daughter and son in law - we can do this!

All for now,