Sunday, May 12, 2013

Never enough time

In my world these days, there is never enough time or energy to do everything I want, or need, to do.

Makes for a very frustrating existence.

I'm still sick... blah, blah, blah.... UGH  Not sure what the next step should be here, but I think I'm gonna have to do something else since what the local doctor has tried really hasn't done what it needs to do.

The last month has been full of meetings, and forcing myself to rest as I can to try and get over the crud.

Not much is getting done in the weaving and crafting arena.

I've been picking at a few things, tho-

I have been sewing strips - lately I've been doing mens dress pants strips. I think I'd call them a twill.  These make nice rugs, not quite as heavy as denim but just as durable.  Plus some different colors can be worked in.

The blue looms beam is loaded, just need to start threading.  Another batch of runners - I'm bound and determined to get through the hoard of tableclothes that are smothering me :)

Instead of weaving yesterday, I made the mistake of going to 'just a few' rummage sales.  Not sure if it's a midwest thing, but we have these things called community rummage sale days.  They pick a day and a whole bunch of people have their sale on the same day.  People drive from neighboring towns and it's quite the ordeal :)

'Just a few' turned into all of them.  I got 'kidnapped' by a couple of friends that I ran into at the second sale I went to and they put me in their vehicle and off we went.  List and planned route in hand.

I found some fun things.

You won't belive how little I paid for this complete set.

I must have been in the Christmas mood.  Bought this nativity also.  I didn't dig it out too look, just took a chance-  5$ for the 20 pieces.  It was in pretty good shape and I think I will probably paint it all one color.

And my best buy of the day?

Couldn't resist this china, even tho I don't sit down to eat on anything but paper plates these days.  This vintage china 12 piece place setting cost me all of 5$...  I haven't taken all the pieces out yet, but I believe their is also one serving piece.

I also added about 8 more pieces to my wardrobe for about 2$ and another couple random little doo dads.

It's fun getting new stuff on the cheap, but the waste of weaving time hurts!

The store has been selling my items very well.  I must get more product done for them or I will be soon out of things to sell!

And then there are the horses. And the yard.  And the entry that needs finishing.  And the car that needs a new battery and to be sold.  And the kitchen I want to remodel! And. And. And!  OY  Some days it's a little bit overwhelming :)

All for now,