Friday, February 15, 2019

Frustrated Weaver

This is the time of year I usually do alot of weaving.  

Dark outside.  Cold outside. Good time to weave to keep yourself sane and out of bed :)


This weather is being difficult.  Most of my time is spent helping do chores or pushing snow.

I've been grabbing moments to weave when I can.  Here's what I've got done.

 Denim with red sheet material 3x7 ft
 denim blue, denim white stripes - also have a 3x7 of this same fabric and style
acrylic car blankets - 5 of them.  3x9.5 ft

The road to my loom is now blocked.

A couple days ago, my brother and I agreed that it was too difficult and time consuming to continue to try to manage care of the horses where they were.

It was time to bring them back to the main place. I had been taking them partial bales in the back of my truck for a week or so.  Problem was, they were now out of hay, our loader was brokedown, and it was snowing and blowing.  And it was questionable with coming weather that I would get in at all again. No way to take them hay, no way to get a trailer in to get them out. 

So I gutted up and the 4 girls and I walked out. 

It was an undertaking to say the least.  Deep snow - sometimes chest deep on slopes that we couldn't find a way around.  The horse I maybe could have ridden is the one recovering from injury, so that wasn't an option. 

We made it.  I was sweaty and exhausted and my old girl Bug (26) was shaky and tired, but we got to the home place and hay and out of the wind.

That night we couldn't put them into their final location because we couldn't get the gates open - too much snow.  We were able to  get the loader running again and got feed to those that needed it, but the wind was still blowing snow in faster than we could remove it, so the girls stayed camped out in a small area till we could get snow moved the next day.

 I can't believe how relieved I am that they are where they are now.

The animals and their care are the priority, so until we get a break in the weather to clear road, I won't be getting to the loom.