Monday, December 5, 2016

You're not gonna believe it....

Well,'s my announcement for my 3RD surgery of the year....

I had myself a freak accident.

I'd spent the day helping my dad with his cows.  We had got them in from the pasture,  sorted calves off their mamas  (52 of them),  run each of those calves thru the chute for their vaccinations, sorted 18 yearling heifers out of the bunch, and an assortment of cows that were being changed over to the fall calving program, or culled from the herd for assorted reasons. 

The day had gone AMAZINGLY WELL.   My dad is recovering from back surgery -  I had succeeded in keeping him out of the pens.  I had managed to do all the sorting and moving of cows and calves by myself without getting squished, kicked, stepped on - I didn't even get swatted with a poopy tail!

It was a good day.

Until.  My brother had gone into the pen with the young calves to feed them.  He saw there were a couple that were in the vicinity of the gate and hollered to me to watch the gate (I was in the barn cleaning up equipment).

UGH.  About 2 - 3 strides across the drive, I felt like I got shot in the left buttocks.  Bad pain.  Drop to the ground pain.  I immediately knew I'd done something to my hamstring.

Turns out that something was a complete rupture of the hamstring from my pelvis.


I'm almost 2 weeks out of surgery to re attach those tendons. 

I'm not having fun yet.

Work is not possible. Weaving is not possible.  It's barely possible to sit in this chair and type yet. 

Think I'm due for a break?  :)

All for now,  JULIE