Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feeling generous :)

Decided to give everyone a look at another one of the finished rugs.

This one was a chenille bedspread.  It's light blue on the tealish side.

I really like the chenille rugs.  Problem is they are usually light colored and in my world?  That's just impractical.

All for now, JULIE

I remembered!

A pink rug made from a soft bed blanket. 
 Turned out nice and cushy.

The decision is whether to show you all the pics, or spread out the goodness!  LOL

I think I'll show you a picture I took the other evening.

I think it's purty...

I should have been in bed by the time this picture was being taken, but I'm glad I was still up!

All for now,

Gotta get some rugs to the store.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

finally photos

.... but not the professional ones :)

50 roses my parents received for their 50th anniversary.  From a friend that couldn't be there!

Aren't they stunning?  LOL  the flower shop couldn't stop saying that word when they called to verify the delivery :)

And finally, a family picture that includes me....

Even got the 'ears' on the dog!  It's ok.

Isn't it awful how a person never likes pictures of themselves?

Grilling steak and potatoes tonite.  Can't wait!

All for now,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Sweet

Just pulled some super sweet colors off the Newcomb.

I think there are five rugs here, all formerly of chenille bedspreads.

I'll plug away tying fringe this week. 

Busy one, tho.

It's 4-H Horse Show season.  I've got the last weekly practice on Tuesday with the County Show on Friday afternoon.

It's been raining, so hopefully it dries up some so we can have the full sized arena to show in...


For basically the first time in over two years I'm scheduled for work only 40 hours a week. 

Not sure what to do with myself!  LOL 

Wish they would let us work four 10 hour days.

Hauled the trash, did the laundry and trying to make myself fold, washed the dishes, packed the lunch.

Should really go to bed, but it's so light out!

Maybe I'll tie some more.

All for now, JULIE

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wonder what got into me?

Wasn't planning on getting much done today - no, I take that back...  

I had all these ideas about weaving, and crafting, and indoor stuff that should be done.

Instead, I mowed my lawn ~

And built a fence.  Or at least part of one, because, ya know, ya never have everything you need.

I decided I might as well use the 'leftover' fence parts from the pasture/yard fence and put a decorative one to kinda enclose the back yard.  Now I just need two more rails and that will be done.  Who knows when it WILL get done, but hey, it's a start :)

Also moved a few rocks and put an old well pump upright to try and do some landscaping.  Of course it got a little toasty so I had to take a bit of a break in the middle of it all.

So then I went back out to finish up and put away tools, and got a hairbrained idea that one of the horses needed a bath.

Guess what Queenie did when I let her back out?

AHHHHH, she says :)

Now she's out there snorting and bucking around.  Ovbiously felt good getting the itchies and sweaties and grimies washed off.

Deedee says... "me next?"

All for now,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

50 years

We celebrated my parents 50th anniversary last weekend.

I took my pup, Cooper with me and he was a hit with my niece and nephews.

He got some exercise - to put it mildly :)

The location for the open house was Prairie Sky Ranch  (  They have a herd of buffalo!  Beautiful weather, awesome facility and great people came.

I baked a 'wedding' cake.  Not bad for a first timer, huh?  My sister did the cookies and mints.  We also served ice cream floats.  They were a hit!

Wish I could have slept all the way home like the Coop did!

We did family pictures, so I'm hoping to get one that doesn't make me cringe.  Maybe I'll share it here...

All for now,


PS.  Yes, I have been weaving.  Just forgetful - haven't taken a picture of the newest ones and they are already to the store.  Maybe the next batch I won't be such a lame brain and have something to show you all from the the looms....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

at least there's this!

um, yeah...

so I have been around and doing such things as work, work, and more work.

but I did do this t-shirt quilt this weekend instead of all the things I should be working on here at home.

i needed a break.

i have woven some, mostly the blue warp has gotten my attention.

i took 6 rugs to the store, but forgot to take pictures.  ugh.

i've got a couple of chenille bedspread rugs on the newcomb, too.

this week I must focus on other things.  My parents 50th anniversary party is next weekend.  this weekend is devoted to getting all those details ironed out.

  i've been procrastinating.


would you believe I STILL don't have my voice completely back?????

talk about - or croak about - a pain in the rear :)

all for now.

it is WAY past my bedtime...