Saturday, July 18, 2015


We had an eventful afternoon yesterday.  Yes, that is hail. 

Oh Goody!  I have a broken window.

Ugh.  I feel awful my pony girls had to ride this one out.  The little shed I have for them was scarier (loud) than being pummeled I guess.

And then there is this.

Dimples are cute, right?

The horse trailer roof is the same.

Insurance has been contacted and appointments scheduled.

It will be interesting to find out about the roof of my house. :)

Horses seem OK.  No obvious contusions or wounds, but I bet they are sore.

This was the backside of the storm with the hail.

Another almost as scary storm followed of heavy rain and lightening.  No wind for either storm.  Just straight down water and ice.

And then this...

A friend described this as 'sky blue pink'.  Appropriate I think.

I am thankful the horses came through ok and the window glass on the truck survived.  Windshield vehicle glass around me was hit hard.  5 friends that I'm aware of had the glass shattered - many more cracked.  Body shops will be busy.

All for now.  Since we got some precipitation, I need to go mow my lawn now.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

In Shock

My looms are, that is!  LOL

I haven't been weaving - I've been working construction this summer...

That's in addition to my day job, of course.

Major strides on my finish project - Pictured is my basement/lower level.

Much more pleasant!

I'm not quite finished - I'm currently waiting on a contractor to come and put in the doors - I don't feel up to that task.

I hired out the framing, electrical, the plumbing and sheetrock hanging.  I've done everything else - with some help from my son for the suspended ceiling and laminate flooring.  I added about 1100 square feet of living space - Two bedrooms and bathroom and the living area I have pictured.  That's a lot of area to work by yourself. 

I'm pooped - HAHA

Hoping for rain so that said contractor can take a day off from roofing in the area - he's busy with that all summer - and come do the doors and trim work.  It's hard to find someone willing to do these small jobs.  They all want to build a whole house....

Then I get to stage, clean, and declutter.  Real estate agent has been here and is working on coming up with asking price and as soon as I can get this place company ready, it goes on the market!

Still don't have plans for where to go and what to do.

I'll figure that out later!