Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Salvaged warp

So the last post was about the brain fart...
I was able to salvage the rest of the warp and got four more rugs done.

These would be called mini rugs as they are only 18 inches wide.

It's a size that can be a floor rug, or a table topper for a bigger table.

Not sure why this warp surprised me for being done when it did?   When I look at the calendar, it was actually a longer turnaround than I normally have for a warping.

I have denim, red and white warp left over that I was going to do, and I was going to do more plain denim rugs, too. 

I could just rewarp in the blue colorway, but unfortunately I am pretty much out of blue warp!  I need to take a look and see what kind of order I can put together.  

In the meantime, I have some mug rugs to do on this divided warp!

All for now,

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Must have had a brain fart

 I've been happily weaving away
 On my patriotic type warp
 Thinking i had alot of rugs left to weave
Plans of what next
and plugging away at sewing denim strips.

But then suddenly....
I had one section that went slack.

I thought "what the heck?"

Somehow I had shorted myself drastically on one section...
I was so disgusted I didn't even take a picture.

I must have had a brain fart - and didn't put
the 80 turns on just that one section.

So now I guess I'm done with regular size rugs for this warp!


Now I'm doing 18 inch wide rugs for the remainder 
And there will be mug rugs, too,
after I finish up the wider section that is still there.

Sometimes I wonder about my brain....

All for now,