Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally a finished project...

I tied off the fringe on this rug last night.  I was going for the random look with the stripes.  (I'm too lazy to plan it all out ahead...I think it turned out ok) 

I took the pup to the vet today to have a lumpy bump and a scaly scab get looked at.  No real diagnosis.  Just watch it.  Kinda hate when that is what to do.  I did ask about his teeth being all full of tarter already.  It was suggested I brush his teeth.  That should be fun!  LOL

I also spent a bit of time on the Newcomb Loom.  I'm making progress!  I have the harnesses on, kinda.  Two of the cords must have been cut at some time and were too short.  I tried to find sash cord, but no luck yet.  The local hardware store didn't have any.  The big stores in big town didn't have it.  And when I asked all I got was a blank stare.  Most people who work at these places are on the youngish side.  Haven't ever seen one of those old windows with the weights inside, I guess.  I'll have to take a look online and see if I can find a source.  I tied two of the harnesses on with some parachute cord I had around, but I can tell it's gonna stretch.

Next to figure out is treadles and lamms.  I've only ever worked on my Union 2 harness before, so this is uncharted territory for me! 

Definately have the winter blues going. I give up way to easy and have a hard time starting anything.  I've always had a bit of a struggle this time of year, but this night shift thing has really magnified it, I think.  We are having beautiful weather this winter.  Thank goodness- not sure what would happen if we had a repeat of last year.

Denim rugs are on the docket.  I want to use up this warp and denim is always popular.

This is the longest I have ever worked on the same warping.  Ever.  It has been close to a year since I wound this on.  Wow.  It used to be I could weave up a beam full of warp in a week!

This thing called work sure does get in the way at times :)

All for now.  JULIE

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For the pets...

I'm back!  Kinda anyway.  I believe I'm experiencing a little bit of winter blues.  Actually, worse than normal.

Think that working the night shift is exacerbating the issue.  Wow, hows that for a big word?  :)

I've been going to work, sleeping, going to work, sleeping... ok you get the picture.

Good news - I think?  No more overtime.  Until further notice that is.

Maybe now I can find some time and energy to do some fun things?

On my 3 nights a week I'm not at work, but awake, I try to make myself do something instead of going to sleep.  (I sleep during the day, too, anyway, so better to stay awake at night and do something productive right?)  Otherwise I would sleep all weekend.

Last weekend I got busy and did this.

I sewed together 19 ( at last count) pet beds.  Another acquisition of materials from a donation.  They were already cut, so all I had to do was sew them together.

The plan is to donate these to the local pet shelter in honor / memory of Aunt Betty/ Uncle John, Cousin Amy and Aunt Nancy, and their pets, past and present.  Boots, Dante, Shadow, Monte, etc.    Merry Christmas you guys!  Little late, but I got it done :)

Speaking of pets...

My daughter posted a photo on facebook of a puppy wearing a knitted hat that had some kind of ears on them.  She thought Cooper needed one.  Since I don't knit, I did my own version.  But I had to 'one up' the ensemble!

Here's my boy in his hood and leg warmers! 

I am so weird...

Obviously the leg warmers won't stay put without some sort of garters or something.  They were mostly for grins and giggles, anyway!   I do believe he'd keep the hood on, tho!

From his outfit, you probably deduced correctly that it is finally winter here.  It's cold, snowy and windy.  A shock to the system since we had an unseasonably warm December. 

Not bad tho, compared to last year.  That's what I keep reminding myself!

All for now, must ready myself for work. 

Oh yes... Sharon?  Do you have a website or source for one of those SADD lights you use? 

I think I could use one... This vampire lifestyle is killing me.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I'm doing instead of what I should be doing.

I've recently decided that if I'm spinning my wheels on what I should be getting done, I should just do SOMETHING.

I've got so many big projects that need to be tackled, that I don't know where to start.  Overwhelmed, I think.

I'd been starting to basically do nothing from the indecision!

I had all these things I want to try, but said that is something to do after I get this other thing done.


So I'm doing some fun little things, hoping it'll get me back into living the creative life :)

Here's the first thing I will show you - NO, this isn't an original idea.  Have you discovered Pinterest?  Oh Lordy, I have...

Made a little bitty purse out of an old Readers Digest.  Kinda cute, in an impractical way!  Hint:  If you wanna try this, make sure the book you are using isn't old and dried out.  Mine cracked down by the spine while I was messing around making the thing.  Obviously this type of purse is a conversation starter, not a workhorse bag anyway, but it should be able to hold a package of tissues at least...

I'll have to go back to the Junque Shop called Fritz's and be a little more choosey on books...

Went there last weekend with a couple of friends.  Came home with more than I should have.  Some of my finds are....

For my daughter~  A Revere Ware large skillet for $4.  Needed a bit of  a scrub, but hey!  Also got her a cute little 6 bottle wine rack.  She is graduating college this spring and is thinking domestically.  These are the pans she has requested for graduation and she is aware what they cost new.  She's fine with used if it's what she wants :)  I'll keep looking for more pieces.

This was a "just because" purchase for a dollar.  It spoke to me!  Remember the old hair dryers that had the cap?  That's what was in this cool case.  Biggify to see the handle.  It's cracked and I am cogitating and digging thru my stash to figure out a replacement for this handle.   Maybe it will end up adding a bit of western flair if I find the right thing.  When the right thing shows up I'm sure I'll show you.

Also brought home some (lots of, actually)  random items that will probably show up at a later date in a project here or there.

And this.

Here's my gamble for the day.  This machine came in a very nice cabinet.  This is on it's way to my sewing machine guy.  He will take a look at it and see if it's in good enough shape to replace the cords.  They are a bit, shall we say, iffy?  :)

I'm hoping this machine is as nice inside as it is outside.  From the surface condition, and the awesome condition of the cabinet it came in, it appears that it was hardly used.  Ever.     Cross your fingers for me!  I got the cabinet and machine for $35.  My mother had a machine like this cleaned, conditioned and rewired  last year and her cost was $130.  If I can get this baby running for that, I will be happy!  My old Fleetwood is on it's last legs...

All total, I spent about $85 for the day.  Cheaper than a bad habit, and twice as fun to go shopping at Fritz's!

All for now - going to go do SOMETHING!