Saturday, January 29, 2022

New Year Planning

 So the holidays are over and the new year has begun.

The grandbaby has now been going to daycare for a couple of weeks, and you would think I would have a little more time to weave!  LOL

What I have time for now that the day care issue is resolved, is to go to my own job.  I'm back up to pre baby number of hours.  After work tho, I seem to always run an errand or two for the parents before I head home.  Usually I barely beat the daughter and baby home.  

If I do get there first, I first eat a meal (I don't take a lunch break at work), feed the fire stove, do any calling or taking care of business that needs done during business hours. 

I've been getting in a little weaving in the evenings.  With the early darkness, and my penchant for early mornings, I tend to want to go to bed at around 8 PM.   I still have managed some finished rugs. 

These are mens khaki type pants made into two rugs that are matchy matchy.  I managed to use up the last of that stash.  On the hunt now to build it back up again.

Here are some corduroy rugs.  I used ALMOST all of my stash except for a bright blue piece and a weird foresty green. I just didn't think they mixed well with the others.  I guess those two will be the seed to grow into the next stash.

The majority of rugs on this warp are black denims. They are a staple that I like to keep on hans so I make multiples.  

Planning for vendor events is ongoing.  I'm going to try a few new to me locations and see how that goes.

In my last post I alluded to an elimination diet I had started.  The last few years I have been having autoimmune type symptoms and my blood pressure was climbing.  All I got when asking for help to find cause or manage those was more drugs and specialists....  I finally found a dr that is trying to help instead of sucking $ out of my wallet.   

Since Dec 2, I am down 29 lbs and most importantly, my blood pressure is too.  Goal is to eliminate those meds all together.   First revisit is coming up this week so will find out whats next!

All for now