Thursday, March 8, 2018

The end?

The Back Yard 

Pretty snow, but I'm getting to the end of my tolerance of the white stuff...

We got a big dump of snow early this week.  
We stayed home for a couple days, the mailman didn't get here until today.
The roads are icky.

I had a Dr appointment today.  Saw the orthopedic surgeon who has done all 5 of my surgeries.
Almost scared to jinx it.  But....

I didn't have to make another appointment! 
All looks good - better than before at the same points in time.

I am off of my antibiotic.  We had planned a 6 week course for good measure, but at about week 3 I started to have side effects that were with my vision.  Floaters and problems with focus.  So doctor said a month of the med was enough and go see an eye doctor to see what's going on in there.

Eye doctor saw a few changes, but he felt it was a temporary situation.  Two weeks after stopping the daily pill, I can tell my focusing is much improved.  Now to get back in shape.  I've been cleared to do whatever I do, just don't over do right away.

So in a way, an end to a chapter.  
Thank goodness :)

It's been so long that I've been dealing with this, I almost don't know where to aim next.

All for now,

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Out of season

I made jelly today.
It's not the season - lots of cold and snow going on.

Last fall I had a booth for my rugs at a vineyard during their Grape Stomp event.

As I was packing up at the end of the event, the owners came around and offered some grapes that hadn't been stomped that were going to go to waste.

I took some, but seriously, I really didn't have time to make jelly right then!

I was packing and selling prior to the sale of the house.
I had other events to haul to.
And I was still dealing with the recurring situation with THE INCISION....

My mom took the grapes home and extracted the juice and stuck it in the freezer.

Today I decided to clear up some space in said freezer, and now I have pints of grape jelly!

It is yummy!