Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Weaving again!

After the big dig out,

and the weekend craft show...

I finally got to do some weaving yesterday. 

Still have warp left of the wide variety.

Not sure I will do this width again,

at least not until some time passes... :)

The width causes issues on the gears at the take up beam - I have found that I need to remove each rug and retie on with the warp between each one.

A lot more loom waste than I'm used to.

Plus the higher price point may not fit in the markets I attend.

The booth picture I try to remember to take at each event.  I splurged and went with a double space, 10 x 20.  Glad I did :)

Coop went with me to the barn yesterday.  He went exploring and when I called he popped up on top of this huge drift.  He had a good look around and then slid down the vertical face.  Funny pup!

Currently on the loom is an all blue denim 38" wide, hopefully enough warp left to get to 10 ft long rug.  I'm about 3 foot in, maybe get it woven this afternoon?

All for now,

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Maybe spring is coming?

Yesterday my brother and I worked our way to the barn where my loom is.

He was worried that with the warming weather, flooding would come and get into the barn/office area.  Has happened before and with the copious amounts of snow the melt water wouldn't be able to flow away.

Considerable time was spent on getting through the road.  Pictures are on my phone - I really need to sit down and move some over to the computer.  But not today!

Here's a picture of the front of the building.  I was on top of the drifts that are thru the gates/unloading area.  I walked up and over!

Looking west over the pens on the south side of the building.   We were going to attempt to dig to the last pen and in to the building where the water was pooling.

Here's a picture my brother took from where he was seated in the loader.  That's me manning the shovel.  We got it dug out so there is an easy path for the water to take.  Next few days I will be checking throughout the day to make sure the water is running easily through here.  It had a good start yesterday.

It's crazy how a person acclimates.  The thermometer said 34 degrees.   I had my coat off while I was working - at least where I was sheltered from the wind.   We are hoping for a gradual thaw.  We have alot of snow that needs to melt.

While I was there, I couldn't help but tie back onto the take up.  Last rug was over a month ago, and if I remember right, I cut off and left as the weather was crappy.  We walked away and the weather worsened, so things were left as is - even buckets of water by the front door where I had watered my horses in the last days while they were there.

I have a vendor event this weekend - I will be staying with my sister and will be gone Friday thru Sunday, so no real weaving until next week. 

Can't wait!

All for now,