Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Never enough time to blog...

Or weave for that matter! 

The full time day job sure cramps my style - that's a given.

But it seems I always have some chore or project that needs doing RIGHT NOW.

Right now I'm doing this...

This was my kitchen this morning...

Here it is tonite!

Yup.  Remodeling :)

I've been waiting on my contractor neighbor to come back and finish my entry way so I could get started on this dang kitchen.   I've been living here 3? years with a non functional kitchen.  I've had the fridge and a sink and a wall oven from 1960.  It was kinda erratic.

No stove top - the one time I turned it on it smoke so bad I had the power cut to it and never looked back. 

I had not planned on having to wait this long to redo this room.

I FINALLY cut the cord with the neighbor and found a new guy - that was available.  That's been an issue.

Sunday when I called him to say I thought his estimate was fine and I was ready to rock and roll on this thing, I asked him when he could start.

He said 'Tuesday or Wednesday?'

After I caught my breath, I squeaked out Wednesday and frantically started to pack up my kitchen and find places for all my 'stuff'

I'm thinking he was available because no one else wants to be without a kitchen and with a mess this time of year.

No Thanksgiving feast for me this year, and maybe not even a Christmas goose!  HA

I don't mind - At least it's getting done!

All for now,

Thursday, November 7, 2013


The other morning on the way to work - in the predawn dark I might add - my headlights swept past some birds on a prairie pothole.  Not unusual around here, but there was something not quite ordinary it seemed as I kept on going toward the days labors.

This morning, I saw them again.  This time I slowed and I thought... 'are those swans?'   I don't know if I've ever seen swans in the wild around here -  Then on the way home, I really took a look.  There were bunches of them! 

So I went home, gathered up the Cooper dog and my camera and headed back.

He gets so dang excited when we go for a ride.  Check out the blur of his tail :)

Pretty sure these ARE swans.  Some juveniles included.   Unfortunately, many of them had left - maybe to feed somewhere?  There were enough there before that at first I had assumed they were snow geese.  We get lots and lots of those around here during their migration.

It looked like only 3 family groups were there at this time.  Hope they are still there tomorrow, I'm going to try and remember to take my camera to work with me.   Never have it when I really want it! 

Anywho -  I've finished up some rugs lately.  Last minute for a craft fair last Sunday.  To reinforce this last minute rush that I usually do, about 1/2 the rugs I sold were the new ones just finished that morning...  sheesh.

I have  had 4 of these corduroy rugs finished.  Two sold already.  Still have a couple left in the pile of strips I think. 

Several rugs of this weft material sold - one squarish one for a table - Glad I have strips left of this as one buyer has called and asked if I could make a runner for her buffet.  Not usual that I have material left AND a narrow warp that is close enough colorwise to work for this type of situation.

This is a fun longer rug made from some vintage curtains.  I really like it :)

Closeup of the curtains brown rug.  Kinda cool IMO.

Must try and get some weaving done - Have about 3 different requests that I can actually do right now with the current warps and wefts, so I should do them and get them out of here and outa my head.  Would make me feel like I accomplished something!

All for now,