Monday, August 21, 2017

News. Updates. Announcements.

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted here!

A lot has been happening.  Some good, some not so good.

Bad news first. 

After my last post on June 6, I ended up back at the surgeons office.  My incision from my hamstring surgery in November had degraded --  I was in surgery that afternoon for a debridement and revision of the surgical site.  Fun times.  Antibiotics.  Stitches. Etc.

I took it easy as much as I could.  Did a bit of weaving when I felt like it.  Sold a few things when I felt like it.  Showed the house a  little.

Then I got a bite!  A couple that had looked at the house way back in May, came back. 

More bad news.  My incision reopened again.  Ended up in surgery again on July 27.  Fun times. Antibiotics ( A different one) Stitches. Wound Vac. Etc. 

I took it way easier - my body is tired and worn out. All looked good - a week on wound vac, stitches out at 2 weeks and antibiotics done.

But now, 10 days after I was finished with the drugs.... the wound is looking iffy again.  Immediately back on drugs and watching.  Hope it stays closed, or I'm looking at another surgery.

Somewhere in that period of time I produced these fun rugs.

The warp is striped - each section is either a mixture of blues, or a mixture of lights like white, gray, taupe, etc.   Add the striped solid weft and I almost have plaid.  I think they are cute!

And now today, I signed a purchase agreement with that couple that came back.  Now to see how the financing and appraisals go.

So here I am faced with moving/packing/selling and 3 craft fairs before my closing date in approximately 6 weeks.  Hope I survive!  LOL

All three events I'm signed up for are new to me.  I'm hoping for a good fit and lots of sales!  If I'm up to it, I will try to post with photos and reports.

All for now,