Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Great sunset pic by my daughter, Leah!

Take this as a hint what my trip will include :)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Waited 25 years for an automatic water. 

Buckets and hoses, winter and summer.

After much procrastination and trying to figure it all out, we've got it done!

Today the girls are figuring it out.  From Flutter's stance, you can tell she's a little apprehensive, but she knows where the water is!

All set in regards for the girls and my vacation.  Hay and water are all taken care of.   :0)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update on my weird life

So, yes, I said I'd hope to be more regular with my posts.  Still working on that!

Since I last posted, I have become a night shift worker.  Not liking that.  Not a night person.  Can't seem to sleep during the day. Most definately a morning person!

My work schedule is thus...  I punch in at 3:15 PM and work until 4 AM the next morning.  That's Monday thru Thursday, folks.  Then I go on Friday and work "only" until 2 AM.  That is, at least, until the mandatory overtime is repealed.  It's looking like it could be soon.  I've come to find most night shift employees aren't interested in overtime work.  They don't tend to "bust a**" either like the day shift.  Or that's what they tell me LOL. 

It's a bit frustrating.

Of course timing is always not good.  I had scheduled a craft fair that fell on my first weekend after the change.  It was our local that I help organize, so no getting out of it~

Here's a picture of my booth.

Nothing much fancy.  Mostly I just went and found all my "stuff" that I don't take to most of my shows.  I'm a little short on rug inventory~ no denim!  Weird tho, what do you think I sold????

I sold dog sweaters.  Makes me chuckle.  Throw away sweaters that I hacked the arms off of.  Some of them I didn't even have trimmed to shape or with leg holes yet.  I sold them as "green" and "adjustable" and cut them to shape while the customer waited.

You never can tell what is gonna sell on any given day!

This past week I had a short work week.  Only 2 shifts.  I'm enjoying the break!  I'm trying to do "get ready for winter" stuff.  An auto waterer is going in.  Hope to have that done this weekend if the electrician can make it tomorrow!  Yard pickup of all the tools and odd bits and pieces that are strewn about. 

Put a bale of hay out for the girls~ we got a bit of snow today and it's blustery and cold. Made arrangements for Cooper to stay at the vet's dogtel this coming weekend...

I'm going on vacation!

I must get my preparations complete by Monday 3 PM.  After that I won't have time to pack or otherwise. Unfortunately I will be working til 4 AM on Thursday morning and have to drive to the airport 4 hours away.  My flight is at 1:30ish.  So no sleep for me til I get on the plane.  That's the only thing I'm not looking forward to!

If I don't manage to get another post in before then, I will be back on the flip side.  Hope I get some good pics!

Tired always,