Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Been a little bit busy

 Last post was just prior to a couple of big vendor events.

Those happened and I did well at both of them.  The one at the end of September was exceptional.

Also happened, Sept 12, was this...

Grandson Jhett -  This picture was of him on his actual due date Oct 7.

Foal update...

As of this past weekend, the babies have been weaned.  They did some calling back and forth, but went right to eating.  They sure are fuzzy, I hope that doesn't foretell a cold winter.  They will be getting introduced to halters as we find time, they are pretty gentle, letting us scratch them and touch them all over.

It was a tough summer for mare moms to be feeding babies.  Both mares are a little ribby, so they are now being supplemented in the hopes they can put on some weight before it gets really cold. 

All for now,