Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Springtime push

Living on a ranch/farm, spring is the busiest time.

I've been spending almost all my time helping do things like feeding, hauling hay, fixing fence, etc.

Last Thursday, I was one of two drivers to bring some cow calf pairs home to pasture.

Yesterday my afternoon was hauling hay.

We have babies and their mothers to keep an eye on now.

They are so adorable... Especially when they start romping around with their tails in the air.

About 20 more left to come over at some point. 

There is still snow in the coulees and ravines, but the grass is greening up.  It's not growing enough to take care of the the mamas nutritional needs, so we feed hay, some grain and today introduced beet pulp.  Cows eat alot when they are feeding babies!

I had a small show last Saturday and did OK,  one large and two small transactions made the day successful.

I've been weaving sporadically.  While experimenting, I stumbled onto a patriotic theme and they turned out so cute, I'm going to do multiples of these.

Two large shows in June puts me right before the 4th of July so I think these will be a hit!

I actually sold both of these on Saturday....

All for now,

Thursday, April 18, 2019

No weaving, again...

Once more I'm a frustrated weaver....

Last week winter came back.

South Dakota was closed for 2 1/2 days.  

When it finally stopped snowing, this is what my pickup looked like.

We had been steadily melting the record amounts of snow from winter, meaning we had leftover snow and LOTS of mud and muck.

Add 18 + inches of wet heavy snow and we were looking at more muck.

Then yesterday it RAINED.  All day.

So now we are VERY soggy :)

Because the road to my loom was soft, and this newest snow wouldn't be around much longer anyway, there is no reason to try to push snow to get there.  It would just make a bigger mess of the road. 

The snow is almost gone on the road, but I'm going to give it a couple days of sunshine to try to firm up.

Instead I've been once again prepping fabric strips.

I had picked up quite a haul of fabrics from a trip to where my son lives, as well as a box of goodies from Hillary.  I also have blue jeans to get processed.

I have a vendor event next weekend (27th).   I have plenty of inventory without worrying about producing more between now and then.

And today, we saw the sun shine.  Things might be finally looking up.

All for now,

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Where is spring?

We had finally begun to feel that spring was here. 

The snow is disappearing.

The mud is abundant, but spots were starting to not be liquid.

But this is happening now.

These are the herd bulls this morning.  Black, except for today :)

Hardy animals, it's just difficult for us to take care of them in these conditions.

I've finished the striped tablerunner warp.

Thirty four different runners of varied lengths and colors.

I promptly put on another warp for runners. 

This time in blues.

I put only 65 cranks on for these -

I should be able to find enough fabric to use this up.

Also ----- someone gave me a loom.

More later on that!

All for now,

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Tablerunner warp

As soon as I wove off the full wide warp that took too long to do, because of weather issues, I put on this warp....

It is comprised of natural and stripes of rust, heather and brown.

The plan is that it is neutral enough to work with many different wefts and I need to bolster my tablerunner inventory.

Some on this warp are...

Seven finished on the first batch that came off the take up beam.

Mostly in the tan, brown, yellow colorway, and now moving into some greens.

Yesterday didn't get to weave much as I was helping my brother in the cattle yard.  We sorted yearling calves into two pens, heifers and bulls.  Went well as soon as we figured out how to get them out of the pen... they figured we were in there with them to bring food, so they were bent on staying by the bunks.  Too tame, LOL.  We were trying to drive them out, but when we figured they would follow us into the alley, thats when they cooperated.

Yesterday I received notice that I was chosen to participate in a juried show coming up in June.  Arts in the Park - Aberdeen SD.

I have 3 shows confirmed. 

April 27 in Lake City SD... small local show for my local peeps.

June 1 & 2 at Fort Sisseton SD - One I've been doing for a while that is a good fit.

June 15 & 16 in Aberdeen as mentioned.

So I have 2 shows in June that will be big ones - 

Must weave!

All for now,