Monday, December 5, 2016

You're not gonna believe it....

Well,'s my announcement for my 3RD surgery of the year....

I had myself a freak accident.

I'd spent the day helping my dad with his cows.  We had got them in from the pasture,  sorted calves off their mamas  (52 of them),  run each of those calves thru the chute for their vaccinations, sorted 18 yearling heifers out of the bunch, and an assortment of cows that were being changed over to the fall calving program, or culled from the herd for assorted reasons. 

The day had gone AMAZINGLY WELL.   My dad is recovering from back surgery -  I had succeeded in keeping him out of the pens.  I had managed to do all the sorting and moving of cows and calves by myself without getting squished, kicked, stepped on - I didn't even get swatted with a poopy tail!

It was a good day.

Until.  My brother had gone into the pen with the young calves to feed them.  He saw there were a couple that were in the vicinity of the gate and hollered to me to watch the gate (I was in the barn cleaning up equipment).

UGH.  About 2 - 3 strides across the drive, I felt like I got shot in the left buttocks.  Bad pain.  Drop to the ground pain.  I immediately knew I'd done something to my hamstring.

Turns out that something was a complete rupture of the hamstring from my pelvis.


I'm almost 2 weeks out of surgery to re attach those tendons. 

I'm not having fun yet.

Work is not possible. Weaving is not possible.  It's barely possible to sit in this chair and type yet. 

Think I'm due for a break?  :)

All for now,  JULIE

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Or maybe not so much.

I just took the time to look back to see when I last checked in on my little old blog.

Apparently it was right before I had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.

Well... That went as planned.  Went back to work while waiting on the house to sell.

Since then, all I've pretty much done is go to work and do the day to day little chores to keep the house somewhat show worthy, and keep myself in clean laundry and food.

I'm pretty much in a holding pattern.


I just had another surgery!  This time my right wrist.  This is a workmans comp claim.

I will never go the workman comp route again.  Just. Saying.

I'm trying to see the humor in things.

Want to sell my house ---- not happening as fast as I'd like.

Repetitive motion injuries --- from a job that I am so over with :)

Wanting to move on --- but just not yet according to the fates.

While I have been bored here at home, I have done a little bit of rug strip sewing.  That's a light enough job it's doable with the recovering hand.

I don't have a loom warped.  The old blue loom is still unfinished from the rehab.  And I just didn't dare put any pictures of my weaving projects on line, since the work comp people thought it was my hobby that has caused my injury.   Seriously!   There was no way it was caused by the 50 + hours I've worked at my job the last 5 years???   Sarcasm intended....

I would take any any all positive thoughts in regards to my house sale, and even for my poor worn out body :)

All for now,

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Much Better!

So I decided to take the last 4 work days before my surgery as PTO  (time off).   I decided I needed to do some of the things that drive me crazy that don't get done.  I didn't want to look at those things while I couldn't do them...

My 5$ loom has received most of my attention -- here she is!

  Just a little better than she was....

I do still need to get a thread guide board constructed and attached to replace the broken bendy wire version that was there before.  And she never did have a crank on the beam, so I'm cogitating on that, too.

I suppose she now deserves some new heddles and I will research where to get those.  The old rusty ones have been failing on me lately, so it's time.

She's way more sturdy than she was, I think she's pretty square, but will reserve judgement until I get a warp on and get to weaving.  There may be a few adjustments yet to make. 

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - especially since I didn't take a whole lot of time and didn't try to be perfect with the refinish.  It was the first time I've used a colored stain, so that was a learning experience- Not sure I'm a fan, but I wouldn't do it differently.

Wish it was this easy to rehab me!  LOL

All for now,

Sunday, April 10, 2016



Last fall the house went on the market - bad timing for South Dakota.  Seasons, ya know.  Winter, cold, snow....

Now that spring is in sight, there has been some interest, so it's all good. :)

While I've been waiting life goes on. 

Both looms are naked.  No warp, and I'm putting off putting one on!  If I did, I would be too tempted to weave instead of doing the rehab on my 5$ loom.  

Blue is getting a facelift...

Here is the before picture.  When she's done, I'll show you  her after picture.  I'm going for a tighten up, spitshine type of deal.  I didn't strip all the blue paint off, just scraping the loose stuff off, sanding and overstaining her.  I'm all for letting the history show.

Mostly what I need to get is a good tighten and square up for this loom.  I tried to get my ex to do it for me, but his current wife said no - LOL.

While I'm waiting for the house to sell, I've been working lots of hours... As usual!  I am so tired of overtime.  Five years of close to 50 hours a week average and I am worn out.  Tomorrow I have testing and a consult for my left hand for carpel tunnel symptoms, and on my right arm, I have another appointment for a repetitive injury claim from work.  My right arm went on strike last week.  We'll see what they say is wrong with it.

I am so tired, last fall I asked my father to do me a huge favor.  My ponies went to live with my parents.  First time since before I was married that I didn't have my horses out my kitchen window.  I miss them, but I just couldn't bear the thought of the effort it was going to take to give minimum care to the girls this winter.  My dad ( or my brother ) is out every day caring for his cows and calves, and he had an empty lot, so they went 45 miles away. 

No more worrying about frozen water fountains, hauling hay, and protecting them from the weather. 

Here's a picture of Miss Buzz.  She is, as they say, 'prosperous'.

So basically I'm in a holding pattern.  Hard to start new projects, hard to get excited, but I'm keepin' on keepin' on.

All for now,