Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little breezy!

My sorry little horse shelter...

Ass over teakettle this morning~

My neighbors had theirs go over, too....

They saw it happen.

Theirs was full of sheep with a donkey standing behind out of the wind.

They said it flipped up and over the donkey... No injuries!!

I always wonder when this happens where my horses were when theirs goes... Wish I could talk horse!

I'm going to have to see if I can borrow a towrope or chain so I can get this back upright. 

Can you tell I've done this before?   :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thunder boomers

I sit here alone at home, listening to it thunder and rain.

So much for great weather for the holiday weekend.  It's rained every day and now it's doing the severe storm type of thing...  Sigh.

I'm feeling a little down tonite.  My other daughter left today for points south (New Mexico) where she is doing an internship for college. 

Oh to be young again to do those fun and exciting things.

I'm afraid I'm in a rut. 

Stalled out.

Worn out.

Basically ~  A Funk...

There is this craft show this coming weekend.  I spent the afternoon finding my "stuff" for that.  Since the last fair I moved all my stuff from the store.  It has been stashed here and there...  I'm still missing a tote with my hangers and other assorted accessories. 

Not sure quite where to look again, so I'm hoping tomorrow fresh eyes will find it.

I did weave 3 rugs today, so I guess there is that!

It is 4-H Horse Show practice season.  Once a week I help whatever 4-H'ers that want it with their horses.

Maybe this will improve my attitude.  I hope.

So anyhoo, I best be off to bed.  The weekend is over and my early morning wake up call is scheduled for tomorrow.  I need to try to sleep.  Hoping to get a few more things done this week without overdoing it.  With the craft fair, I will be having 12 straight days of no day off... I should probably conserve my energy where I can.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rhubarb.... Yum!

Sour cream rhubarb pie!  Yummy!

Yup, a little dark in spots.  
Can't wait to get a new oven.  No likey the one I have.

It bakes hot and fast~ 

And then I made these...

Rhubarb bars.... Even more so YUM.

I made TWO pans of these :) 

Do you see it?  Ha!  

One is pretty much gone already :)

I am trying out this rhubarb - I am going to get some from this patch to transplant here at my new place.
This is some nice red rhubarb, the last plants I had were more green.  
I'm excited to get some of this going here at home.

Quiet day here today except for a couple of rummage sales.  
I took a nap!
I have a three day weekend starting today~  
I needed it, so glad it's here!


Sunday, May 22, 2011


So vivid it looks like you could grab hold...

And if you look close, there is a 2nd beside it~

Sunday morning Denim

Denim mini rugs.

I call 'em mini's because they are only 18 inches wide.

I've got quite a bit of this warp left on the loom and plenty of denim strips ready,
so more of these are in the plan.

Lately I've been not been feeling like doing much.
I go to work, come home, eat supper, get ready for the next days work...
and go to sleep.

Kinda got the lonelies hanging around....
I mean, what's the point of all if you don't have someone to share it with?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet Blue

I think this is a sweet pretty blue for this rug. 
It's actually a light blue and white print on this manufacturers waste material.

I think the multicolored blue and natural warp really adds that extra little punch to give this rug some life!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finished, I think

Finally got around to putting the handle on this tote. 

I've had the belt all picked out for awhile, but wasn't sure about the logistics of the thing. 

It was best to put it down and let my brain "cogitate" on the solution. 

I'm gonna keep 'cogitating' on whether this one needs some kind of closure system or not...

That last detail is usually the hardest to figure out on these bags!

This bag ended up having a kind of western theme feeling.  

I kinda like it~

Too bad I'm not a purse kinda girl :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Star rug

The stars are hidden, but we know they are there!

A cute little blue rug made from a flannel bedsheet.  
The white areas are provided by the stars that were on the sheet. 

Nice spring day here~ 
Was down for a nap after work, until the slave driver son drug me outside to scrape the window trim on the house.  He is saying we start painting tomorrow.

Is it naughty to hope for rain?  :)

The young have ALOT more energy and stamina than me...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm out of practice

At writing on this blog dealy thing here...

But here goes~

It was a productive Sunday - so much for day of rest.

I did a pile of laundry, did some cleaning, and picked up trash in the pasture where the big hales were fed this winter.

Leah and I saddled a mare and she rode for awhile.

I finished tying fringe on some rugs.

Here's a picture of one.  I'll tease and show the others in the next few days :)

This is a rug made from some more of that textile manufacture waste that comes my way on a regular basis.  Somehow I managed to get a pattern done without running out before I finished.

This naughty little pup spent the day out exploring.  He found wonderful things ~ including something that smelled like rotting dead thing. 

He is going to get a bath even tho I didn't plan on having to do that in my freshly cleaned bathroom.  The little stinker....  Literally....

The new week starts - I've been car pooling with my son in the mornings.  He is working for the summer at the same place I am.  He is eventually going to be working nights if and when they get that shift going. 

It's nice having a driver in the mornings. 

Of course he drives my car~  that way he doesn't have to use his own gas!

All for now-  JULIE

Monday, May 9, 2011

All work and no play....

makes Julie a dull girl.

Or at least I feel that way!

Granted, I am still feeling puny because of this dang cold, but...

I tied a couple of rugs tonite as I watched Antique Roadshow, but now I am off to bed. 

I'm hoping for pics for ya'll in a day or so, just so I can prove I'm doing something with my life :)  LOL

The weekend was a short one.  I worked a six hour shift on Saturday, took about a 4 hour nap, went out to supper with my kids for my birthday.  YUP  Another year older...  watched a movie, or should I say nodded thru a movie.

Sunday brought a sinus headache that kept me in bed til 3.

Not a very productive weekend unless you count sleeping as productive :)

Now that I think of it, I did disc up the yard and throw out some grass seed on Saturday.  It promptly rained hard and washed all the seed into puddles. 

I'll have some nice thick spots!  HA

Not much of a gardener I'm finding.

I'm coddling myself trying to shorten this dang cold, so I'm trying not to push myself. 

Hard to do.

So I guess I'll take myself off to bed now and hope for the health fairy to visit me in the night!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm alive

But barely :)

Still fighting that dang cold.  The first couple of hours at work are a bugger, but I power thru and get in a groove.  Tired by the end of the day tho...  

One of my girls is home from school!  She caught her "pony" tonite - it was so nice out!  No wind, warm and springy --- nice, so you just know it's not gonna last~

We had to see if Cooper liked riding ~  Not so much...  He's a little wimp!

We took a stroll out in the pasture to check out the "pond".

Can't believe Leah got DeeDee to walk into the water!  She doesn't like it ~  This horse snorts and rumbles in concern when she's getting a bath and the puddle with bubbles comes towards her :)  She trusts Leah and will go pretty much anywhere she asks her to.

We found this den on a hillside.  Couldn't find tracks to identify what kind of critter dug this.  Pretty good sized hole, so I'm guessing something like a badger, or maybe a fox?

Now that Leah is home for a few weeks, maybe she'll get me out to mess with the horses some... Here's hoping anyway!

I took the time to photo the finished scarf from this past weekend~  Here it is...

Click to biggify....

Yup!  Again I used recycled yarn.  A purple wool sweater and a silvery acrylic blend sweater added a bit of sparkle.  This wove up quite quickly as it is loosely woven.     I think I'll be adding this silver in bits to more scarves, it adds a little life and I've got quite a bit of it!

All for tonite~  It's past my bedtime! 


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Didn't make it.

Nope, Monday morning came and went without me going to work.  I got up, got dressed and then realized I was being downright dumb.

I called my boss's work phone and left a message that I was sick and was going back to bed.

I did.  And I woke up 5 hours later. 

I called and got an antibiotic - and went back to bed.  Spent a second day in bed.  How odd is that?

Pretty odd for me :)

Feeling somewhat better today.  Worked a full day and actually got alot done - Started to drag after dinner but no prob Bob...

It's 8:12.  It's light outside.  My son just left the house to go for a run.

And I'm going to bed.

Goodnight, all.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weaving weekend

My shortened version anyway!  The event was from Friday afternoon thru Sunday midday, but I was only able to take in Saturday.

The venue was a youth camp used by girls scouts and 4-Hers and others.   It was a cold blustery wet day.

Here's the main lodge where we gathered for the spinning circle, meals, etc.  Some knitting classes were in another building and there were several dorms open and in use, also.

The majority of projects were knitting and spinning, but there was this homemade loom in use and also a triangle shawl loom.  Plus my structo where I wove this...

It's a simple scarf woven from recycled yarn.  I've come to the conclusion, I really need to look into getting a different reed for my Structo Loom.  It came with a 15 per and it is too dang fine for these specialty yarns I'm using.  I'll be looking into that soon, I hope.

 Knitters and Spinners!  I actually sat at a wheel and plied some of my scavenged yarn that I thought was too fine for my use.  It would be nice if I had a wheel to be able to do that on.  I've got more yarn that I would like to do that with!

I had been developing a head cold that morning and by afternoon, I thought a walk would help clear out my head so I went for a walk by the lake. 

I found this cute little building down by the water.  I think it was the pump house at one time, but long since abandoned for that use.  I'm a sucker for rock buildings.  I wish I could pick it up and move it to my house :)

Oops!  Had to backtrack when the trail disappeared.  Wash out - Never did find a beach.  Lake is so full there isn't any left to find.

Another spinner - but she's a weaver, too.  I had a nice time visiting with like minded individuals, but I decided my cold was rapidly worsening and decided to head for home.  Glad I did because the forcasted snow showed up with the gale force winds.  On the way home I have to drive a road that is water on both sides.  Wind had the waves crashing over the road and mixed with snow it was a little nerve wracking! 

By the time I got home, this cold had morphed into a chest cold.  Heavy cough and achy achy achy.  Son helped me unload and I crawled into bed and I've pretty much spent the day there.  Hoping this is short lived. I don't want to call in sick tomorrow for work...

All for now,