Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Time goes on

 Time, as I've gotten older, has changed.  

As a child I used to think that summer was so long, as well as the school year.  It seemed overwhelming to think of anything a year away.

Now at my advanced age of 55, lol, I cannot seem to catch up to what day it is since the days and months and years seem to fly by.

But in contrast, it seems as if it should be later in the week than it is.  Weird, I know.  Maybe it's because I have so many things going at once and can't focus on one thing?

The last few days I've been tying fringe on a small group of tablerunners that I took off the Fairloom.

I'm showing you just a few that finished.  The black and white warp lets me weave with some random colors that would be challenging to use on other colors of warp.  I will be doing some black / gray tones too, but these just wanted to get done right away :)

The weather turned into fall today.  Fifty MPH gusts, overcast, a little drizzly.  But the baby calves that are about a month old are loving it.  Tails up and running in circles around the mamas tonite.  Cute little buggers.

Yesterday was another reminder of time passing.  It was my old mare's last day.  It had been planned and I'm glad it was a nice sunny fall day for her last one.   She was 28 and I couldn't bear to have her go through another hard winter.  I watched this old girl be born - her mom was my 4-H mare, so I've known her forever.  

It is a sad thing to lose an old friend, but I look to the future.  Her half sister Queenie is still with us, and I am hoping she will be having a baby next spring.  Also her two daughters, Buzz and Flutter, should be mamas themselves next spring.

Time goes on.

All for now,


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Scheduling scheduling

So this last week I heard from an event organizer.  This event was a new one for me - stretching my boundaries a bit by signing up for a large event in a large town - 2 days and far enough away I would have to find and pay for lodging.  I have enough inventory since most of the events this year were cancelled, and I really need a nice big event to help with the financials around here.

What I heard was not good.  Cancelled.   UGH

So another kick in the teeth - so now what?  I posted on my facebook page about the cancellation and offered home rug parties.   So far no takers, but it did attract an invite to an event this past weekend.

This booth ended up being quite small in a VFW hall.  Hard to display to the best effect, but hey, gotta take what you can get sometimes!  

I try to look at the positives - I did sell 5 items and considering only 120 people came thru the door, I managed to sell and my items were by far the highest price point. 

The most challenging part is that for those 5 sales, I still had to carry all of those dang heavy rugs!  This is why I am trying to find larger venues.  More sales for the same amount of grunt work :)

I've got an event this weekend.  I usually drive there the night before and stay with my sister so I don't have quite as long of a day, but she is under the weather and doesn't think I should stay.  I considered for a moment going the night before to set up and getting a motel room, but it's opening pheasant hunting weekend and there are few rooms available and at the highest price of the year. Also I would have to be there to set up 2-4 PM.  Kind of defeats the purpose to take time off the other job to get there.  So get up at o-dark-thirty it is! 

So I'm still looking for events to go to, I have some scheduled, but it seems every event I have on the books, that  weekend I could also go to 2 or 3 others.  Need to clone myself I guess. 

Not alot of weaving gets done this time of year - I do a bit each day unless scheduling the rest of my life keeps me from it and if I have a show on the weekend, I don't get alot done at all.

All for now,