Wednesday, September 8, 2021

pictures as requested

 There have been requests for updated foal pictures, so here are a few...

First the colt.   He has become Hemi.... that's his barn name.  His registered name will hopefully by Rumblebee.

Looks big next to his momma...  He is right at 3 months old in this picture.

And now the filly.  She has been, since I first saw her, Cricket.  Her registered name will include that for sure, not sure how much other stuff will be added to that at the moment. 

These two have been in a small holding pen since Cricket had her umbilical hernia surgery.  The mare has a hard time on the hay - can't handle even a bit of dust without some heaves developing.  8 days post op, we have just moved her and mom to a small patch of grass - No half brother or cranky aunt to get into it with, so hopefully she doesn't get too rambunctious for her recovery.    Cricket is just one week shy of 3 months in this photo. 

I'm feeling a bit stressed about this next month.  Big vendor show this weekend, followed by events the following 2 weekends.  Hope I've got things ready.

All for now,

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Summer busyness

 Summer tends to be busy for me.

More daylight means more time to do outdoor things ---

This summer has been extra busy it feels like, but maybe it's just he getting older thing/ time going faster that is happening instead?

Foal update:  Both colt and filly are doing well - growing and filling out nicely. 

 The filly, Cricket, younger by a week - has had a baby coat shed and she is definately a grulla -  exciting!  She sometimes appears almost gunmetal blue.   Last week she had a procedure to fix an umbilical hernia.  We chose to go to a vet that has a reputation for having good outcomes for such things and we are glad we did.  Turns out there was a weak area in addition to the open spot that he went ahead and worked on.  Glad we got that done younger than older!   She and her mom will be in a smaller pen by themselves for another 2 weeks or so.  Mom is vocal and calls to the other mares who are on grass down by the house.

Hemi, the colt, still has not shed out his body.  His legs and points are getting very dark, but his body still has the light color he was born with.  Still think there is a possibility he will be a grulla, but not going to say with certainty, yet. 

The chance of having 2 out of 2 foals that are grulla/grullo is crazy small,  it kind of blows our minds :)

I've been weaving, just not as much.  Also had a 36 inch wide warp on, and those rugs take longer to finish up anyway.  Just took the last of those off and will try to get a new warp on in the next day or so.

Fall shows are starting up.  Next three weeks I have scheduled events.  

Grandbaby should be showing up sometime first week of October - we've been doing the house projects as fast as we can to try and keep the mom to be happy, lol. 

Sharing a few photos of recently finished rugs...

All for now,

PS  Also have new employees at the ranch...

3 new weedeaters named Uno, Dos, and Tres....

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Beautiful evening

 Last night was a beautiful evening.

We just came off a icky hot muggy stretch.  Like high nineties into the hundreds.  With humidity.

Then the last few days we've had smoke from Canada added onto that.

But yesterday it was pleasant.  Low 80's.

The horses were relieved...

The babies are growing.  Boy in the back, girl in the front.

I had originally thought the boy would have a name Dragonfly, but I believe he has become Rumblebee....  his barn name will be Hemi.   Google Rumblebee and you can figure out where that name comes from, I had to.  It was suggested by my son-in-law.  It had to grow on me, but I think it's gonna fit him.

The little girl will become Cricket in some sort of fashion.

Color is still to be determined.  Sire is a buckskin, mothers are red dun and bay dun.  They seem to be darker underneath this light colored baby hair.  Baby shed should start in a month or so and we can see what that brings.

I haven't been weaving a whole lot.  Work in town, lawn care, even rode some to bring in some cows last weekend!  Projects in the house and a general malaise that happens when it is so hot.  I've got a garden that is brand new - didn't expect much from it this first year, but we are getting Zucchini and have had a few cucumbers.  The tomatoes are coming as well as some peppers.  The root crops are pretty much failures, but the rhubarb and asparagus that we transplanted seems to be doing well.

New composted cow manure in raised beds, mixed with drought conditions and the heat made it a challenge.

All for now, 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

New things Part Two

 First things first....

Another new baby!

This little girl was born a week after her brother - meet Cricket :)  Or at least that's what I think her name will be/include.  We will see if her personality changes it in the coming days.  Don't think it will as this name wasn't even on the list, it just came to me in the early morning of her birth.

So amazed that we have two foals that are almost identical. 

Dragonfly is nursing, Cricket is facing us.  

The moms are full sisters born 2 years apart, and the babies have the same sire.  So 3/4 siblings?  Not sure exactly how that is explained technically...

Both have dun characteristics.  The dorsal stripe, some leg barring and shoulder bars.  Both have white face markings.  It will be interesting to see what body color will be.  They may be very light duns, or there is even a possibility they may test as grullo.  

Other relatively new is that my father is in the nursing home.  He went in to get some extra care for some immediate issues and for physical therapy.  He and my mother believe it is a short term stay.  I'm not so sure.

I do know that dad is not happy about the situation, thus making my mom not happy about the situation.

What is especially frustrating is the extreme limits that are put on for "visitors", which includes mom.  During the week, she can come in between 8 and 5 - stay as long as she wants, but if she leaves, she can't return that day.  On weekends, entry time is only 1-3.  

Those time frames make it extremely difficult for anyone that has a job to visit during the week.   During the week, dad is busy all day with therapy sessions and activities during the day, so visits aren't ideal then anyway.  Evenings there are no activities, and no visitors, unless you get there before 5- which means you have to wait until after supper to see anyone as no one but residents are allowed in the dining area.

Weekends, there are no activities and no therapies.  Weekends go slow for dad - mom can't get in until after lunch, and since they frown on more than 2 visitors at a time and require a reserved conference room for more than 2 people in dads room (which would be mom, dad) , he is limited at most to one visit unless we push the issue and ignore the guidelines in the conference room.  For example, my son was here this weekend to visit, and one of dad's brothers and his wife came to see him.  So there were 5 plus dad there.  If we followed the 'rules' he would only get to see one person at a time. 

If it turns out this is a permanent situation, I think we will need to look for another facility - this one is notoriously short staffed, and the current situation with people choosing not to work is exacerbating it.  Unfortunately, that would mean a different town as this is the only place here. That would make it very difficult for my mom....

Lots to figure out I guess. 

On the weaving/rug front.  I've survived the 2 events in this month.  Both we Saturday/Sunday shows. 

First one was record temps and windy, but sales were normal for this show.

Second one had great weather - Good crowds and about the same sales as the last time I was there 2 years ago.

I am now lighter 27 rugs, 11 table runners, and 4 mug rugs.  

I should be weaving, but can seem to find the time between work, parents, lawn care, messing with the new baby foals, and helping my daughter in the house - we are trying to get some more things gone thru and cleaned up.  This weekend my son came to help and we textured the walls, and painted in the kitchen.  The wallpaper had come off awhile ago, and just hadn't got finished up.

We've got a deadline to get some of this stuff done.  Another baby is coming in October....  First grandchild :)

All for now,


PS>   Here's a picture of Cricket - this little girl is quite bold, unlike the colt.  He's more cautious.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

New things

 I've finally got myself a new computer.

Let's see if this works  ;)  I'm still working on getting programs and such set up and getting comfortable with updated programs.  Change is a b**ch, LOL

Not sure what rug pictures I haven't gotten here in the downtime, but here are a few of the latest that will be going with me to this weekend's show.

This was the last of the warp with browns, tans and rusts.  

On to a new warp next week.  It will be a 36 inch wide one, I will try to come up with a design that will go with many different colors.

Another new thing ....

This is my newest baby!  I think his name will be Dragonfly - or something to that effect :)  He was born Monday evening. 

We are still waiting on another one.  These dang mares, I thought the other would go first!

All for now, I have much to do and not much time or energy to do it.


Monday, May 3, 2021

Almost feels like summer out there

 Typical South Dakota spring.  Never know what the weather will bring us...

It goes from cold and snow flurries, to like today,  sunny and in the 80's.  Almost too warm in comparison to what it was juts a day or two ago.

The sun brought me outside with the rugs I've not had a chance to photo yet.  They've been done for a week or so, but it never seemed to be photo friendly lighting up until now.

Well....I put this post on hold the other day because I couldn't seem to upload any photos...  It's saying the server failed so I'm not sure what the deal is- 

I'm not technology literate so who knows what I'm doing most days.

I've been able to post without problem on my facebook page so if you'd like to see what I've finished lately, go there and search for me if you aren't already following me there.

renew.rugs  is how you find me in facebook land...

All for now,

PS:  Maybe if I ignore this issue for awhile, it will take care of itself!  LOL

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Another one in the books

 Yesterday was another vendor event.

In my part of the country the events are popping up all over!  

A friend of mine who makes and sells sweater mittens and also some stamped jewelry keeps me informed about new ones she sees :)  She tries to talk me into to going to them, but I'm a bit pickier than she is - her items aren't quite as heavy as mine! LOL

Pretty decent day yesterday  - It was in the community I lived in for almost forever, so many people I knew.  I pretty near met my soft goal of selling 10x the cost of the booth.  Good day for a small event - the venue was full of booths and had a waiting list...

I took some just finished rugs from the newest browns warp.

Here are the earthtone rugs made from a duvet cover that I mentioned in my last post.

Aaanndd some brown denim rugs- there will be more of these as there are still strips unsewn in the totes and several on the take up beam on the loom.

I have a direction for the tablerunner warp -  I sold all of the patriotic runners I had in stock, so that is what I will weave next on that loom.

It was a tablerunner day - 8 runners and 3 rugs sold.

All for now,

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Newest warp plan


Here is the browns colorway warp I came up with.

Thought I had way more brown, but had only 2 cones in the stash!

I think it's ok tho :)

I'm already weaving with strips that came from a duvet cover.  

Should be a couple cute rugs from that.

After that will be denim in browns and tans.

Also finished tying fringe on some tablerunners that past weekend...

Here are three of them.  

Also a couple more patriotic ones were finished.

Just heard yesterday I got into a juried Art in the Park event in June.

June will be busy - 2 scheduled already.

It's spring here - south dakota means weather ups and downs,  cold today and snow flurries.

We've got baby calves arriving and it should really step up the pace with that soon.

Still some time for the weather to moderate before baby horses :)

All for now,

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Searching for inspiration

 I have been struggling with this mini rug warp -

Inspiration wise that is...

I had some requests for this size to start with so that was fine, but when you have enough warp for over 30 rugs in this batch, it takes some imagination to fill it all up :)

What really helped, was the vendor show I was at a couple weekends ago.  Seeing what sold, and visiting with potential buyers that were looking for a certain something gave me some ideas.

This rug happened because someone was looking for a long narrow rug for 2 little girls bathroom vanity.  Not sure it will connect with that specific customer, but it used up some of the pink fabrics that I don't tend to use very often.

I sold the last of the 'dribs & drabs" rugs in my inventory at the show, too, so i went ahead and made some mini versions.  I can't believe how far those little bits of fabric go when weaving with them.  I had thought I'd would get one and a start of a second rug with the basket of leftovers, but I still have some left there!  I mostly used up the brighter stuff, so I left the remainder of that basket to grow again.

This rug is from pillowcases -one case filled out each color block here.

I used up the last bits of chenille blanket type fabric on this cute little rug.

This wasn't a leftover bit of fabric, it had just come into the stash and the dots on the blue matched some of the warp colors, so it was a perfect fit here.

Also made a few more black denims and there is another itty bitty rug from some random sheets fabric that matched the warp.

Now it's time to start on the next color run.  It will be in the browns color way.

I'm hoping the inspiration is stronger on this one - should be as I like the colors from nature.  I've said before my favorite colors are the ones that horses come in, like buckskin, chestnut, etc.

Also hoping to get a bit more time to weave... been spending a lot of my time taking my parents to doctor appointments and helping my mom care for my dad.  He has become extremely dependent, unable to walk at all.  Some days I have to stop and help get dad from point A to point B because mom is worn out. Mom is on oxygen and at times is short of air and energy to be able to help dad - Big changes are looming in regards to them - trying to figure it all out. 

All for now,


Saturday, March 13, 2021

First vendor event of 2021

Got thru the first event of the year.

Not that I did anything special to get ready for it -  lol.  

My "office" basket was stocked - including change box - from the last show.  It's so much easier to come home and do all the record keeping and accounting things when it's fresh in your mind.  And I'm always ready at the drop of a hat if a show sneaks up on me!

I did cut off all the rugs on my loom and finished them up this week.  I had lots of farm fresh items to take - and a lot of rugs that had only been to one or two small events last fall.   Fresh inventory.

 I'm currently weaving 18 inch wide mini rugs on the Union Loom and tablerunners on the FairLoom.  

 These are the mini rugs.  Sold the first one already.  It was a cute one.

So tonite when I drove into home at dark - I pulled my truck into the garage and decided I would unload tomorrow.  But I did sit down and do my normal end of show report.

That report has a list of all items sold, for how much, how much sales tax added and collected.

I also look back at what the booth cost and write that on it, along with any meals I purchased, a place for the credit card fees that I will get a total on tomorrow, and mileage driven.  

If I remember to do it, I even break down the tax into state, town and tourism - makes it easy when it's time to report and remit to the revenue service.

The next step is to take the sold items off the excel spreadsheet -  I can tell you how much inventory dollars I carry around....

Bank is on Monday - only one check-  it was a heavier than usual cash day, but about half my sales run thru the square app on my phone.

By Monday evening I will have everything ready for my next show in April - except for some new product that I am constantly producing.

Oh, and by the way, I sold 11 rugs, 3 tablerunners, and 9 mug rugs.

Respectable day.

All for now,


Thursday, March 4, 2021

This.... this is what I am not able to say this well.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Custom work

 So this is why custom work is so difficult...

This was first attempt.  Photo supplied so I could get the colors needed.  On my devices and printed out on my home printer, the colors appeared to be an off white, tan, rust and forest green.  

Cute rugs I thought.

When I delivered them, that's when I got to see the remodel that these were to be matched with.

Turns out the tile has actually got blue - not green - in it.

Attempt number 2 was this...


 I know the colors match now,  we will just have to see if the style change will be ok with the customer.

My personality type makes me rather want to make whatever and wherever the spirit leads me, and find the right person for the finished product, rather than to have a person find me and then having to produce what is in their mind...

All for now,


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Behind the scenes

 Sometimes I have photos that just don't always fit on my fb rug page.  Or it feels like I would overwhelm with posts if I included them :)

In this photo I have the inspiration that was given to me by my cousin for a pair of rugs that she wants to use on some new built in bench seats.  Now to get them to her to see if they fit where they should, and if the color works for her. 

This one just makes me kind of laugh.  Without the cat in the photo, the rug might 'read' as a full size rug.  It's a mini one.  Just barely big enough for Jack ( on the right)  to lie on it if he were to choose so.


As you can see, there is some sun today.  Very harsh  - hard shadows. It is warm enough the snow is dripping.  It almost makes me think of spring - but I can't have the luxury of even thinking about it - it's so far away for us yet!

My son in law said that yesterday when he was checking drinkers - one of the mares was there to get a drink.  As she was drinking ( swallowing that cold cold water ) he saw baby movement.   So we have at least one coming!  May 24 will be the 11 month count so somewhere about that time :)

 I had been telling him that was how I used to tell for sure the last times I had possible babies coming.  The cold water in the tummy must be felt by the baby, because they can sure move around in there when mama fills up with that cold water!  So I guess he's been watching....


All for now,

Friday, February 19, 2021

In the deep freeze

 I have to admit, up until the last week or so, we've had a mild for South Dakota winter.

Mild went away ---  It's been regularly close to 20 below zero (F)  for the last few weeks - thank goodness not alot of wind by South Dakota standards.

It's cold enough that locally there have been deaths... 

Mostly for dumb reasons -  my co workers nephew - teenager or young adult - froze to death last weekend.   Partied with the wrong people, who beat him up and left him on the side of the road.  

That happens all too often around here. 

People make excuses for this sort of thing -  poor job opportunities, racism, that type of thing.

In this small town - there are so many businesses looking for employees.  

No, they may not be work from home, or desk type jobs, but they are jobs.  That pay the bills and give you a stepping stone for a better one when you have learned new skills and how to be a valuable employee.


And then there is the other side of the equation.  Those that are willing to work tend to be overworked.  I've already upped my hours at my part time job.... And they are asking if I can cover some more - since no one wants to apply and be a good employee.

There is opportunity to be a contributing member of society!

Too much 'taking care of' has trained a large majority of the local population to be dependent.   

Too much giving them fish instead of teaching them to fish type of thing.

I have to purposefully remind myself to not think about it -  it is just so frustrating.

Change of subject --- I have been weaving, although slower than I'd like.  More work hours means tired feet -  less likely to stand and weave in the evenings.  Plus it gets chilly in the loom room when it is so cold outside the wall of windows.  I've covered them with plastic and keep the heavy drapes closed, but you can feel the cold coming in....

Here are pics of the two latest.  These were produced to try to fit a request/commission.   We'll see if either is what they were thinking ;)

All for now,


Friday, January 29, 2021


 I finished up a few more table runners.

The patriotic runners are popular.

So I keep doing them....

The black ones are from denim.  I've had many requests for blacks and grays.

And then always a random color just to keep things interesting. 

I had typed up my thoughts on the Bernie mittens thing, but decided, due to the prevailing winds in Blogger land, it wasn't worth voicing my opinion.  Apparently it is funny to mock people now.....  

All for now, 


PS   Not sure why I stay here - I seem to be in the minority.

Thursday, January 7, 2021


 Nothing about me is sophisticated.

                                       My upbringing, my day to day living, my sense of "style".

My rugs, most would say, aren't fancy either.


Many things that others would consider sophisticated or fancy,  I have to study to see if it is the real deal, before I find the worth in it....

                      Is the sophisticate really so much better than the 'not so sophisticated"?

I'm not one that follows the crowd, fashions, the latest thing that changes with the wind.

What really matters?  

What things look like, or sound like, or put on an act like?

I guess what I'm trying to say is even tho something may not be sophisticated by the culture at large, it doesn't mean that there isn't value and worth there. 

Look for the worth - don't be fooled by fancy words, actions, promises, manipulations- If you find worth somewhere, recognize it, support it, protect it. 

All for now,