Wednesday, September 8, 2021

pictures as requested

 There have been requests for updated foal pictures, so here are a few...

First the colt.   He has become Hemi.... that's his barn name.  His registered name will hopefully by Rumblebee.

Looks big next to his momma...  He is right at 3 months old in this picture.

And now the filly.  She has been, since I first saw her, Cricket.  Her registered name will include that for sure, not sure how much other stuff will be added to that at the moment. 

These two have been in a small holding pen since Cricket had her umbilical hernia surgery.  The mare has a hard time on the hay - can't handle even a bit of dust without some heaves developing.  8 days post op, we have just moved her and mom to a small patch of grass - No half brother or cranky aunt to get into it with, so hopefully she doesn't get too rambunctious for her recovery.    Cricket is just one week shy of 3 months in this photo. 

I'm feeling a bit stressed about this next month.  Big vendor show this weekend, followed by events the following 2 weekends.  Hope I've got things ready.

All for now,