Sunday, August 23, 2020

Summer Doldrums

This summer has been, shall we say, challenging?

I've been struggling mentally - having a lack of focus and drive to get things done.

 Finally now that I have some events scheduled I am at least feeling like I have been able to force myself to be a little more productive.


After the vendor event I was able to attend, it was determined that I really needed more denim rugs.

 They have always been a standard item in my inventory.

The last few years, I have had my dad cutting strips using my Frasier Rag Cutter.  He's pretty much stove up and can't get out and about like he would like, and I think him having this to do has given him the feeling that he is contributing.

Before then, I always ripped my denim strips.  I kind of like the fuzzy look on the rugs, as well as I think it helps with the absorbancy of those rugs.  But since Dad has been cutting, it gives me more time to sew strips, design and weave.

Here is the warp I put on.  I had had to order blue warp from my supplier, but they were out of the navy cones that I like to include.  I had to make use of the leftover bits in the stash and put more of the denim blue warp in this time.   I threaded it in the fashion to have mini stripes.   I kind of like it. 

The first batch of denim rugs I did five that were all the same length, all hemmed, and then had 2 rugs longer, hemmed, before I had run out of space on the take up beam.  Since then, I have taken another batch off and they are hemmed and ready for measuring and tagging for inventory. 

 I had about caught up with dad, and was basically out of cut strips so I went ahead and ripped three big totes of strips - these I sent over to mom and dads for them to clean the strings off.  This helps with my time at the sewing machine -   I will be starting on sewing those ripped strips as soon as I go and get the 3rd tote from them to mix them all together.

In the meantime, since all the same rugs one after another gets monotonous, I dug into my colored denim stash and came up with this.

Yes, this is all denim.  It's amazing the colors I find :)

And here it is being woven.  You can see the warp design here.

It's been very hot and humid here.  But dry.  The grass in the yard is crunchy and we could use some rain.  Last night we had a summer storm go over - Heavy lightning and very loud thunder - and we got about 3/4 inch of rain.  Just enough to make it even more humid.  As I'm typing, there is another storm grumbling in the clouds. 

I can't believe summer is almost over - and kids are going back to school.  

Where did the summer go?

All for now,

Monday, August 3, 2020

Finally an event!

Finally, I have had my first vendor event for 2020.  This one didn't get cancelled!

I had never been to this one before as I usually have an event in my hometown.  They cancelled, so you know what?  This one was so good, I just may not make it back to my hometown again --

This event is Friday afternoon thru Saturday night.  They were kind enough to take me on Saturday only.  Glad that was so, since it rained heavily Friday :)

The weather the last few weeks has been oppressively hot and humid.  Saturday was not!  It was in the high 70's with scattered clouds.  Twas windy tho, as you can see by my billowing rugs.  I ended up taking down the side curtain - it seemed to stress the canopy less that way. 

Displaying my rugs was harder than normal.  Some of my go to display items are in stores, so I had to improvise.  The wind also made it harder to hang anything as it would just blow down.

In the end, I sold 6 tablerunners and 9 rugs.  Like I said, good day!  Even better, this was a no booth fee event this year....

I'm glad I was able to go this - it gave me an opportunity to unpack all the rugs and visually see what I have.  They have been packed away in their rolling suitcases - I have a spreadsheet of what I have, but I'm a bit visual oriented making it easier to comprehend with my eyes.

What I discovered was that even tho my inventory $ amount is good, it seems alot of my rugs are on the larger size.  I thought I had plenty of denim rugs, but most are 3x5 or larger.  I have a nice amount of runner length rugs, too, in assorted colors.

The plan is now to make denim rugs - I had to order some warp last night and I can start sewing strips.  I'll have to crack the whip and get my dad to cutting more!  LOL

It is hard to believe that it is August already.  Where has the year gone?

All for now,