Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a different kind of re'New

Making these little guys tonite -

"Santa" ornaments crafted from an old chair spindle.  Crackled and peeling red paint made this a no brainer on what they would become.

What's been waiting on these, is that I wasn't happy with the painted faces and beards that I had tried.

But then I came across this little stuffed alpaca figure that I had been given in a bag of donated materials. 

This may be traumatic for some - but I skinned the little bugger and now his wonderful fiber has become the wild wooly beards of my santa's!

There was only a bit of the white alpaca - so maybe there will be a brown bearded Santa in this bunch :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

My mission, if I chose to accept it....

Got this sad little rug in the other day.

 My mission was to see if I could save her/him.

It had some sentimental importance, I guess.

I believe they said they had gotten it in Mexico.  It looks like it was probably woven tapestry style.

The warp was jute and the weft was wool yarn of different types along with shots of jute, for strength, I'm assuming.

 I think the mission was accomplished!

The rug is significantly smaller than the original.

I had to unweave far enough into the rug to get fringe long enough to knot. 

It's a cute little rug again.  She kinda got a facelift tonite! 

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday turned out to be a calming day.  Alone - nobody telling me to go go go.  No cooking.  No imminent deadlines, etc.

It was a good thing.

In the calm I found some "want to" hiding away.

I finished up a handful of flyswatters that have been laying around waiting -

I started the next scarf warp (I finished that this morning! )

And I got handles put on a tote bag -

Nothing fancy, but cute and handy none the less -

I also did alot of wasting time on the computer and just hanging out. 

On the agenda today - a couple of hours in the shop trying to weave off the current warp and a trip to my Dad's to go eat pizza.   It's a nicer day outside today - the temps have moderated and it's almost nice!

I can't believe there are still 2 more days that I can pretty much call my own :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yup, It's Cold.

The sun may be shining, but man is it cold!  I keep telling myself to be thankful that I am physically capable of taking care of myself and my horses in this cold - without the proper - or best - set up and facilities.

Not much snow - the horses are huddled behind the shed trying to get out of the wind.  They were shivering this morning after drinking their water.  More hay is the answer.  Glad I managed to roll out a bale last night so they have plenty!  Man do I wish I had been able to get my auto water put in...

I'm ferret sitting today.  Fred has grown since I saw him last - he is a character!  My dog and cats are terrified of him.  He is intent on biting them if they get close.  Goofy thing.

At some point today, I think I'll get started on my next scarf.  This one should be fun!  The offwhite yarn is rabbit angora and the pink is mohair - both with a small percentage of wool and nylon.  Should be a soft cuddly one.

I've also got on my list possible projects like painting, paying bills, doing financial statements for end of year for the 4-H leaders, and other assorted organizing issues.  I'm alone today except for the ferret, the cats, and Cooper!

He's got his sunny spot picked out and is chillin' with two of the cats.  I am happy to be home today - and not have to go somewhere unless I want to!

It's been a tough year to focus on the things I should be thankful for - they've been in the background pretty much.  But I am still trying! 

Today I've forced myself to acknowledge those things that are good  - my kids, my animals, my fun co-workers, the people I've met through my weaving and crafting, and much more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

putting my feet up

It's been a long fall.  Workweeks of a full time and part time with basically no rest on the weekends- has made this old broad pretty dang tired. 

Yesterday's craft and vendor fair and luncheon went very well.  No big problems and good attendance.

The food went over well, with manageable leftovers.

Rugs, runners and other miscellaneous items sold.

Pretty good day, when I think about it!

Today I ventured out on icy roads - rain/sleet/ick happened overnight so I really questioned going.  But I really wanted to get to the big show that some of my rugs were at with the fiber guild.  I got there about noon and stuck around to help break down at 4:00.

Even sold a couple of rugs there!

Slow and steady drive home in the dark -- still icy and always watching for deer since it can be especially bad right now due to hunting season opening yesterday!

Tonite I've got my feet up unknitting a sweater.

This one is lambswool/ angora rabbit.
Can't wait to get this yarn on the loom :)  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whatever happens, happens!

Well, it's craft fair day -

The food is prepared - except for the chili that I have to put together when I get to the venue - the booth spaces are set up and organized, and I THINK we have everything else taken care of..... we'll see :)

Already a bit of drama concerning a vendor and her location....   Some people!  

My daughter is home to be a helper in the kitchen.  She's a college kid.   Free food and she's there!

If I can grab a moment, I'll take a few pics of the set up and the food. 

Cross your fingers for us!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am frustrated, bordering on angry.

Our local newspaper, who is constantly saying - "support your local paper" etc etc etc - has ONCE AGAIN screwed up.

Last week I ordered a 2 x 3 ad - for 2 weeks for our craft show.

Last weeks ad was there, no problems.

Guess who doesn't have an ad 2 days before the event....

Makes me fume...

Sneaky Bugger

Somebody crawled into my bed this morning.

While I wasn't paying attention...

He loves me- especially when he's cold.

Too bad he can't get a job and contribute to the household -- I'd let him stay if that was the case :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Runnin' runnin' runnin'

That's what I feel like!  I've always kept myself pretty busy and productive, but adding another job- and a full time one to boot- into my days and all I do is run around like a chicken with my head cut off!

Been working bit by bit on this craft fair coming this weekend.  I still have to put together vendor packets, make signs for the street, make menu signs, and I'm sure there is a thing or to that I haven't thought of yet/lately.

Tonite I will start doing some baking of items - or parts of items that I can  put in the freezer.  I've got 5 or 6 desserts I have to make in addition to a huge pot of chili and turkey salad for sandwiches.

Our craft fair is FULL!  We even have a waiting list - random people keep calling and asking if we have room for them.  Wish we had a bigger space!  Next year...

I will be glad when this weekend is over - then I can focus on the craft booths I'm doing the first 2 weekends in December!   It never stops... :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've reassessed the purpose of my craft room.  I had thought that the smallest bedroom would do nicely for a sewing and craft room. 

Originally I had planned for 2 bedrooms in my lower level, but plans change with job and financial change.   My lower level didn't get any finishing this past year - as a matter of fact, other finishing in the upstairs is still undone. 

Consequently, I didn't have but one bedroom for when my children come home to visit -- and this dang little room just wasn't cutting it for my "stuff"...

If I would just focus on one thing, it might have worked.  Rug materials take up alot of space!  So I decided that all of that is going down into the one big unfinished space.  I think my loom is coming home over Thanksgiving, too!

Well, it's a bedroom as of today!  I got everything except the closet contents out and a bed and dresser moved in. 
I was all pumped to hang pictures on the walls, but there is this one shelf that I want to use... But do you think I can find it???   Frustrating! It's somewhere in a box I suppose.

I'm planning on using the dresser and this closet for "hand" type crafts -- like counted cross stitch, drawing/sketching,  sweaters to be unknitted, etc.  All those projects that you sit on the couch to do :)

Of course doing this created chaos elsewhere --
All of this needs to go downstairs - and hopefully I'll be able to figure out a system so I will be able to find things at a later date - I can dream anyway....

This reassessment thing can sure be messy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Start to Finish

Step 1 -- mens sweater, 100% lambswool according to the hang tag.

Step 2 -- turn the sweater into yarn balls... This is what is left over from this project!  

Step 3--  Weave!

Step 4-- Twist some fringe...

Step 5--  Wet finish and, SHAZAM!  
A re'New  scarf....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Time change project

My loom was naked.  It was dark outside and I felt the pull from my bed.

It was 6:30 PM... MUCH too early to crawl in and go to sleep.  I dislike the time change! I'd rather have light in the evening...

Made myself get busy and warp up another scarf.

Another sweater... this time lableled lambs wool.  I pretty much design on the fly!  Who needs a plan???? :)

I've got it all warped up and ready to start weaving.  Just need to load up a shuttle and go!  To bad I'm so dang busy.  I've got a meeting tonite so I doubt I'll get much done on this.  I made myself go to bed last night when I had the urge to start. 

I wish I'd known I wouldn't be able to go to sleep til about midnite anyway.  I would have started...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wool scarf finished!

I searched and searched for the picture I took of the sweater, pre unknitted...

Couldn't find it.  Story of my life these days!

On the loom.  Simple plain weave with stripes on each edge.

Off the loom and looking a bit crimpy... I kind of liked this texture.  Made it look like i had some fancy woven structure...

And finished!  Most of the crimp came out in the wash.  The fringe was all wonky when it came out of the wash, so I had to spend a little time getting that all straightened out.  Never did put it in the dryer.  This scarf dried very quickly just hung on a hanger.  I'm liking the selvedges better on this scarf.  Practice, practice, practice!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A finish!

Finished weaving the latest scarf project.

This one from a 100% wool mens sweater.

I was thinking this was going to be a rather plain scarf - but when it came off the loom-

Some fun little magic happened.  My plain weave morphed into a fancy faux weave!

The crimpy yarn has added it's own texture to the scarf- it kinda looks waffle-y - if that's a word!

I'm hoping when I wash it, it doesn't lose all of that personality...

Wish the picture did it justice - if I had any patience at all, I would have waited for daylite!

First time all summer

I got 'em in.

Missed it by one snow storm, but maybe that was just the wake up call!
I'm tired of scraping the frost off in the morning.  
Now I just have to find the garage door openers... They're here somwhere!

Did some cleaning and organizing here in the house today.  

Of course, didn't really make a dent.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm frustrated that I haven't been posting here much, lately!

I'm busy busy busy.

Last weekend's craft fair was disappointing - oh well, on to the next one!  Guess I just have to try each show to determine if it's a good fit for me.  Doubt that  I'll go back next year to that one!

I've been using any spare moment on planning a craft show of my own.  There has always been a show in our town this time of year - Back in the day, when I belonged to the area womens group - spin off of Jaycees when they didn't allow women -  we organized the event.  For reasons forgotten, we suspended the show - I think maybe our club disbanded because a new group started up that took members from our womens group and the mens group and put them together.  This group is still in action, so I think it was a good thing.

Then a mother and he daughters planned and staged it for not a few years, but pulling out for last year.  Another lady took it over for last year, but her father is not well and she didn't have the time to commit this year. 

So kind of last minute - I and my sewing shop friend jumped in and claimed it.  We'll see how it all goes.  I'm focusing on the food that we'll serve.  Not sure if I'll even have my stuff displayed - we have a small venue, but we have plans for next year!

All for now - off to work to talk my day away!