Sunday, April 11, 2021

Another one in the books

 Yesterday was another vendor event.

In my part of the country the events are popping up all over!  

A friend of mine who makes and sells sweater mittens and also some stamped jewelry keeps me informed about new ones she sees :)  She tries to talk me into to going to them, but I'm a bit pickier than she is - her items aren't quite as heavy as mine! LOL

Pretty decent day yesterday  - It was in the community I lived in for almost forever, so many people I knew.  I pretty near met my soft goal of selling 10x the cost of the booth.  Good day for a small event - the venue was full of booths and had a waiting list...

I took some just finished rugs from the newest browns warp.

Here are the earthtone rugs made from a duvet cover that I mentioned in my last post.

Aaanndd some brown denim rugs- there will be more of these as there are still strips unsewn in the totes and several on the take up beam on the loom.

I have a direction for the tablerunner warp -  I sold all of the patriotic runners I had in stock, so that is what I will weave next on that loom.

It was a tablerunner day - 8 runners and 3 rugs sold.

All for now,