Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Craft Fairs and Vendor Events

Here is a picture of my booth from this last weekend right as I was finishing setting up.

I'd reserved a 15 foot spot.  Cost me all of 25$

It was 37 miles from home, so it's close by South Dakota standards :)

Everyone had said this is a good show, although as I got set up, I wasn't sure as the vendor mix was handmade, direct sales, bake sales and community groups.

Most of the booth items average price I guess to be about half of what my average price is. 

I was thinking I might be above this market.

Pleasantly surprised by the day, tho!   Sold 15 rugs and 4 table runners.  Very good day!

You just never know what the day will bring at these things.  I only sold one Christmas themed tablerunner - that's what I'm currently weaving to have Christmas items available. 

I'm getting a little sparse in the hemmed denim rug group, and I keep having people looking for gray -- of which I have none.  I decided to try a discount bin of rugs.   So far I've only sold one from that group.  Still, and always I think, a sale will happen when the right person sees the right rug.

I have three confirmed shows left this year, yet, and I'm exploring options for another open weekend.

Seems I'm weathering having only Sundays off, so I might as well get my rugs out there and try to sell!

Hope the weather stays agreeable.  Today was blustery, cold, and snowy.  As long as the roads don't get slippery, we're still good to go!

All for now,