Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Never enough time or energy.....

I so want to weave, but many days, by the time I get to my loom I am just too worn out to weave.

Yesterday was such a day.

I finished up a two day project of preparing a pasture for my horses.  I had to put up a hot wire as a buffer next to the neighbors pasture.  There are horses there that last year was an issue.  This way they can see each other, but at most might touch noses if they stretch from both sides.   No butt to butt when sometimes legs fly and mess with the integrity of the fence.

Then I helped the brother clean the barn.  But first we had to move the herd bulls!  Everything that needs doing has about 3 steps before it that needs doing before we can do a project around here...

He manned the loader, I manned the pitchfork.

We quit at supper time and he went off to eat, and I showered and sat down for a bit.  Then went to check to make sure the horses were settled in their new spot, and hoped to weave for just a little bit.

The spirit was willing, but I wove about 10 inches and decided that was enough.

I had already cut off the first three rugs from this new warp - Needed to adjust the warp - a few small tension issues that were easier just to retie and move on instead of babying it along.

Here are the three that are done...

Top two are mainly bed sheets, and the last one is from a woven cotton throw.  I decided to try out one section narrower than my normal, so these are 24 inches wide.  Makes for a less expensive rugs, as well as needing not quite so much weft material to get the same length.  We'll see how this width sells. :)

This weekend is the annual Fort Sisseton Festival.  Always a little nerve wracking gathering up the outdoor booth pieces and parts to make sure I have what I need when I get there!

All for now,

Thursday, May 23, 2019

More of the same

I finished up the last of the blue tablerunner warp with more of the same.

A couple more denims....

More flag inspired...

And a sweet little runner with blue, purple and teal.

Promptly put on a new warp.

It's time to do some red themed pieces again.  I'm still into the stripes :)

I'm not sure what changed while warping the last 4 or so sections, but it looks like it has a bit different tension... Hope it isn't enough difference to cause headaches.  I don't think it will, but I like the whole beam to look like the sections on the left.  I did it all in one go, so I really don't know what changed!

Always an experiment it seems!

All for now,

Monday, May 20, 2019


 Mothers are mothers whatever specie they are....

This mamma was grooming her baby - I tried to get a picture of the tongue working, but it was too fast!  This was my Mothers Day photo on my personal facebook page.  I think it's cute!

Not alot of weaving happening.  Lots of chores and spring projects going on that I'm trying to help with. 

I did finish up a batch from the blue tablerunner warp recently and took pictures finally.  Not much uniqueness here, I'm doing more patriotic and some denim to match the denim rugs in inventory.

The last is a unique one, made from fabric salvaged from a bed skirt and pillow shams donated from someone at some point.

I have about one more group to go on this warp.  Then? 

Maybe something in reds....

All for now,