Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Spring colors in hopes of spring

 Spring in South Dakota is never early enough :)

We keep getting snow... dreary, cold, windy.

Some colorful tablerunners help just a little bit....

Fourteen runners came off the loom to be finished in preparation for this weekend's vendor event.

Got a few rugs, too

The last two pictured, the fringed ones, have sold already to a local customer.

So this spring thing...  where I live it truly isn't spring until end of May, so there is some time left for the cold to still be around.

All for now,


Saturday, April 2, 2022

Win tickets to attend


I don't do this type of post here on blogland often as I assume most of my readers aren't close by.

This time it's because I have been given 2 free tickets to attend this event to give away.  

If by chance anyone reads this and is close and wants to attend...

Send me a message and I will put you in for a drawing ---  pick up at the entrance of the event.

I will be drawing morning of April 6, so get it to me before then!  

Would be fun to meet someone new!

All for now,