Friday, January 29, 2021


 I finished up a few more table runners.

The patriotic runners are popular.

So I keep doing them....

The black ones are from denim.  I've had many requests for blacks and grays.

And then always a random color just to keep things interesting. 

I had typed up my thoughts on the Bernie mittens thing, but decided, due to the prevailing winds in Blogger land, it wasn't worth voicing my opinion.  Apparently it is funny to mock people now.....  

All for now, 


PS   Not sure why I stay here - I seem to be in the minority.

Thursday, January 7, 2021


 Nothing about me is sophisticated.

                                       My upbringing, my day to day living, my sense of "style".

My rugs, most would say, aren't fancy either.


Many things that others would consider sophisticated or fancy,  I have to study to see if it is the real deal, before I find the worth in it....

                      Is the sophisticate really so much better than the 'not so sophisticated"?

I'm not one that follows the crowd, fashions, the latest thing that changes with the wind.

What really matters?  

What things look like, or sound like, or put on an act like?

I guess what I'm trying to say is even tho something may not be sophisticated by the culture at large, it doesn't mean that there isn't value and worth there. 

Look for the worth - don't be fooled by fancy words, actions, promises, manipulations- If you find worth somewhere, recognize it, support it, protect it. 

All for now,


Monday, January 4, 2021

Computer work


This is Jack.

Jack came with my daughter - along with another cat, Jane.  Jane unfortunately passed due to a stomach abscess after moving here.  She was my daughters favorite.  Jack wasn't...

I'm told that Jack belongs to me now.  LOL

He sleeps with me and I'm in charge of his daily care.  I've trained him - yeah right - to open the closet door and self feed from the cat food bag.  He has become quite portly!

He likes to sleep in odd spots.  This is how I found him the other day. 

It's kind of a cute picture, because he is actually a very good mouser and has done quite a lot of hunting that I've seen the results of.

So the start of the new year brings much in the way of paperwork.  Sales tax filing for 3 states (even tho one of those states I had no sales this year), Federal taxes to prepare for, and maybe even a rough plan for the year.

Last evening I made a spreadsheet of shows I know dates for, as well as other shows that I'd like to go to in the general time frame they normally are.

I also did some inventory work.  I haven't done an actual physical count, but my spreadsheet tells me that I made 114 rugs in 2020 and sold 91.... do I'm really not that much farther ahead than normal?!?

Table runners I made 59 and sold 48.... again, not that much farther ahead.   

I am starting the year with 126 rugs and 74 runners that are already in stock.  I do have a small group that are finished, just not tagged and measured and added in yet. 

Looking back, 2020 was about 27% down in sales.  Keep in mind that in 2019 I didn't get completely ramped up until mid year for events.  It would be interesting to be able to know what a "normal" sales year would have been if there had been events to attend...

All for now,