Monday, May 3, 2021

Almost feels like summer out there

 Typical South Dakota spring.  Never know what the weather will bring us...

It goes from cold and snow flurries, to like today,  sunny and in the 80's.  Almost too warm in comparison to what it was juts a day or two ago.

The sun brought me outside with the rugs I've not had a chance to photo yet.  They've been done for a week or so, but it never seemed to be photo friendly lighting up until now.

Well....I put this post on hold the other day because I couldn't seem to upload any photos...  It's saying the server failed so I'm not sure what the deal is- 

I'm not technology literate so who knows what I'm doing most days.

I've been able to post without problem on my facebook page so if you'd like to see what I've finished lately, go there and search for me if you aren't already following me there.

renew.rugs  is how you find me in facebook land...

All for now,

PS:  Maybe if I ignore this issue for awhile, it will take care of itself!  LOL