Saturday, January 18, 2014

Am I cursed?

Why is it that I feel like if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all?

It was a week of highs and lows...

Tuesday was delivery day for cabinets and countertops.

Delivery time was between 7 and 12.  I had asked for an afternoon delivery but 'that isn't available'.

So I took PTO for the morning and for ease of paperwork, and for easy sake, I wrote down the whole day planning to cancel the time when I would show up after the delivery.  I was hoping for a 1/2 day off only...

Delivery time?   1:30 PM.   I could have taken 2 hours of PTO and taken care of the delivery, but instead I ended up using a full 8 hours.  Not that I have alot to spare.   GRR

I could go through the whole story, but it just makes me crazy :)

Anywho, then the guys came to install.

Here it is.   Unfinished.

Why is it unfinished, you ask?

At some point it looks like someone stuck a fork lift thru the back of this one.  Apparently chose to not deal with it.  Now I get to wait 3+ weeks for a replacement.  I asked if they'd give it to me free and I would patch it but no deal.

But the bigger issue was with the countertop.  Somehow, they put the sink hole in the wrong place.  So now I get to wait for a new piece there.

Whee!  isn't this fun???

So issues on the bottom and the top.

Gotta love remodeling.

All for now,


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kitchen remodel update

I've been plugging away at the kitchen redo

This morning I got up and instead of going to work, I grouted the tile floor.

I got the walls and ceiling all painted on Friday and Saturday,  added tile to the hallway you see in the photo, and made a trip to the store to purchase more 'stuff'. 

Now I'm waiting on the delivery of the cupboards and countertop.

Hoping they will pull in soon ~  then I can go to work for a 1/2 day and save some PTO.

I'm getting too old to do this stuff!

My knees are killing me :)

All for now


Saturday, January 4, 2014


Trying to prepare today -

The weather has been weird here in South Dakota.  The other day it was -26 degrees actual temp, then the next day it was someone said 40 degrees above. 

Now yesterday, it was 25 degrees and it was raining.   Imagine the slippery :)

Now today, it's just a typical South Dakota day.

It's somewhere in the range of 10 above and the girls are hydrating up after the thawing of the waterer.  I've not had to do that too much yet this winter. 

They better get their fill because if what they are saying is coming comes ---  It WILL BE frozen again.

Tonite we are to start experiencing Siberia like conditions...  Supposed to have wind chills in the -50 to -60 degree range.

Oh my poor ponies....

I've done what I can -

The neighbor with the large equipment came over and we 'added on' to the shed. 

The all you can eat hay buffet is now also shelter.  They won't have to move far into the wind to get their fuel to warm themselves.

They should be fine, they are all healthy and pleasantly plump.  They have good hair coats and some shelter.

Still makes me want to bring them inside the house with me tho :)

I believe I will be staying put myself - And the Cooper pup?

He says he will be cuddling with me -" it's too cold out here for me."

All for now,