Friday, February 18, 2022

Color for the winter months

 I have so much fun making tablerunners.  I can usually put on a warp that will work with many different colors of 'rags'.

These finishes have some fun colors in them...

This was the end of the warp on the Fairloom.

I have spent some time giving the loom a once over... it had gotten a little loosey goosey, so some bolt tightening was in order.   Soon I will put on the next table runner warp.  I've got a tote full of fabrics that I felt needed a lighter warp than what I had on, so it is time to start playing with warp colors and deciding on whether I will put a pattern in the warping, or what exactly to do with that.

Just finishing up on the black/charcoal warp, too.  That loom will get browns/greens/ tans on to do a run of those colors.   

Then blue.... The order changed up on me a bit, just because I felt like it :)

All for now,