Friday, April 27, 2018

Any Volunteers?

Yesterday my brother and I spent a few hours fixing fence.

A good portion of our fencing is high tensile electric smooth wire.  Soooo, when the electricity is off, or the fence gets grounded for one of many reasons, the cattle find it and wreak havoc on the fences, coming and going at will.

Always an audience, never any volunteers :)

Cattle are very curious animals.  And then they also realize that a pickup in their pen usually means grain in those yellow buckets in back -- food is a great training tool.

This time tho, there were tools in those yellow buckets.  We have to keep an eye on those buckets so they don't get tipped over.  My brother told me awhile back a cow got her head stuck in one of those buckets.  That was a fun day getting that off her... LOL

The snow has finally decided it's time to go.  There is still some hiding in coulees and shaded areas.  Most of the "big melt" happened last week.  Our lazy creek was a roaring thing for about 4 days, and the spillway around our pond dam was overflowing.  We wish we could save some of that water for this summer - it all leaves except what we can hold in our pond.  It's a relief to feel that spring is finally here.

Many projects are in progress.  There is an order going in for new roof materials for a detached garage - needs it very badly -  I am hoping to then finish the interior for a workspace for me.  Looms, sewing machines, etc.

I'm systematically working my way through my parents affairs.  Finding out about insurance, loans, other bills that the parents don't really know what they are paying for, etc. 

My brother is getting a physical inventory on the cow herd so we can start making plans on the future for them - possibly selling some, possibly digging in and being serious about keeping it going.  My dad is 78 and has physically been unable to keep up with it all the last couple of years and many things are a little confused right now.  My mom had always done registrations and paperwork, and those are also a little confused.  That is a big job figuring that all out.

I am in denial about how quickly the wedding will be upon us.  I say I must lose a little weight that I've gained over the course of the last year and a half while dealing with my hamstring, but can't seem to get serious about it.

And there are days I think I should look for a job, but really can't figure out how I would have time and energy to add another thing to my life!

All for now,

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Yesterday I saw something I have never witnessed before.

I was driving my parents to another bull sale...

This one was located in the southern center of South Dakota. 
On the way, we became aware of a large number of birds in the fields and pastures along our route.

I, and my parents and my dad's brother that was catching a ride with us had never observed these birds before.  We immediately recognized that they were cranes - sandhill type.

Apparently none of us had ever been at the right place at the right time so see this before.

(Photo from the Nebraska Flyways website)

There were THOUSANDS of them within about a 10 mile area that we drove through.

We regularly see this volume of geese where we live.  Snows, grays and canada geese. But we'd never seen the cranes before.  We live outside of their route.

It was fascinating enough as soon as I got home yesterday to do some research.

What I found that surprised me was...

80% of the population migrate through the river valley every year heading to Northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia.

The flocks will fly from 170 to 450 PER DAY.

The most surprising to me was the lifespan of these birds.  They live 20 - 40 years!
We saw them midmorning on the drive.  On the way home, we saw only a few flocks.  The rest had taken off for the next leg of their journey.  
I am so glad I got to see this, even tho it was in drive by fashion. 
It amazes me what our creator has created.
All for now, JULIE

Monday, April 2, 2018

Still looks like winter....

If it was sometime around Christmas, it would be kinda pretty!

But this late in the season, it is just pretty disgusting ;)

So, since my last post, I've been galavanting about.

First the health update.   So far, so good.  Incision is good. Very little discomfort unless I do way more than my as of late normal.  I am trying to remember to do a little muscle work on that leg each day to help build it back up.

As for the galavanting,  my parents and I went to my brothers place south of Calgary.  Funny story, when I dug out my passport for the trip, I found it had expired last fall.   I must use my passport ALOT.... lol. 

Canada let me in, but pointed out that it was expired.  We had great roads for most of the way, altho there was mucho snow all the way there.  More than my parents have ever seen on their trips up at this time of year.  While there, I helped do some cleaning in the barn and other little chores that I could be helpful with - they were preparing for their annual bull sale.  Thus the trip at this time of year :0)

Unfortunately, they were unlucky enough to draw the weather card.  Freezing rain topped with blizzard accumulations meant they had to postpone the sale.  It's coming up next week. 

We came home ( The border guard let me back in - even tho the passport....) We had crappy roads on the way back, so balanced the good luck out with some bad.  I drove most of the way, as I've found that I can't relax at all anymore when my dad drives.  

With that situation, I've come to realize that I am now The Driver.  So now, unless I absolutely can't, I will be taking the parents to dr appointments, funerals, day trips, etc.  Between the two of them, and my plans, I haven't been home much since we got back from the great north.  This week is full of appointments, too.

Last weekend was this....  Leah is getting married in August.  It was time to find a dress. 
I won't say which one she chose, but I think she picked the right one :)

I'll be doing some traveling this summer and fall to go to her home in Colorado to prep and attend the wedding there.

It's quite the drive so I'm going to be using that passport in the airports I think.  

I better get that thing updated!

All for now,