Thursday, November 15, 2018


Since I still have no loom available to weave on, I am trying to trust my gut and my minds eye as I design toward rugs that I won't weave for awhile yet.  So I have to visualize.

Usually, I prep rags and weave them up immediately.  That way I can see what's working and what is not.

The large group of twill/khaki pants I acquired recently has been on the block.  First group I did the tans, greens, browns and tried to randomly place them in a somewhat predictable pattern.  If that is possible!

In that group of pants, there were also some colorful pieces.

These just kind of naturally grouped together.  I like random, but sometimes random doesn't end up working for me.  Colors pool, or I end up at the end without one of the key colors, or whatever.  So this time, I did a lay out so that the colors will last and be somewhat balanced throughout the pattern.

These light blues, turquoise, royal blue and purple will be placed one of these, with 4 of these...

All the light khaki's cut up.  Ending up being just enough strips to do 4 truly random choice from this basket between each 'blue' from the organized pile.

So this is what it looks like coming off the sewing machine!  This should be a lighter in color rug with the bright blues popping.  Might come off as slightly striped, depending on where the strips start in the rug.  Should be interesting in the end!

I am now down to dark navy blue and black twill legs, and one random rust/brown pair of pants that just wouldn't fit in with what I've been doing.  Not sure how I will come up with a plan for that yet.  No inspiration!  There are some other colors in the box, but since I bought about 5 large pieces of fabric - shower curtains, tablecloth, a window curtain that started life as a sheet, and a piece of yardage that is like a heavy canvas (bright yellow!) at the Salvation Army the other day, I can work on those instead :)

All for now.