Thursday, June 27, 2019

Finishing Finishing

I've been plugging away finishing up the striped warp of red/rust/natural.

I'm not getting alot of weaving time in....  Today was sort and work cows - it got hot by the end of the day, and the next two days are supposed to be really warm.  So glad we got it done.

I've also been dealing with vehicle issues.  My trusty rusty dodge pickup from 2002  is no longer so trusty.  And I ran into the dreaded auto repair situation where they say they will fix something and then do something else for more money and don't fix the original problem.  Got home to find the original problem still existed.

I've been putting it off for awhile - but no more -  I went and bought a new to me vehicle.  Almost too nice~  I'm not quite sure I know how to have something this nice :)

These aren't all that I've finished, but it gives you an idea what I've been doing.

Now I just need to figure out which direction to go next.  

Blues for more blue jean and random blue fabrics?

Or black/charcoal for some black denim?

Or maybe greens and tans?

Haven't decided yet.  I've gotten a little behind on prep materials and am picking my way through the bags I've thrown into the trailer.  I need to see what I've got the most of!

All for now,

Monday, June 17, 2019

Good Weekend

View of my booth from this weekend.

I really liked my location.  There was a tree on my right side, so no booth!  Gave me a little wiggle room... and shade.

Show set up was Friday evening and the show was Saturday and Sunday. 

There was some liquid sunshine Saturday early, then again at 2:15 and at 5. 

The buyers were there Saturday morning, and then it steadied out and ended up being a really positive show.

I sold ALL of the red/white/blue Americana type items, and denim rugs were very popular.

At the end of the show, all of my inventory fit into my traveling suitcases (except for the oversize rugs that don't fit!)

I had come with a pretty good stack that wasn't contained.

I was satisfied with the weekend - altho very tired!

No vendor events until mid July - that one is local.  I'm deciding on future events to apply to.

All for now

Thursday, June 13, 2019

First Time Events

First time events are always a little nerve wracking.

Figuring out the process.

Not being sure of the market or the competition.

Prepping for the larger size event.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be traveling about and hour and a half to stay at my sisters and do the pre set up for the weekend show.

I've found someone to do chores, just need to make sure to have things ready.

Spent ALL yesterday finding and repairing where the electric fence was grounding out.  The bulls had made it known that the fence was not working by being out several mornings in a row.

I will be loading and going later afternoon so I can do an early chore feed - I'm hoping the weather cooperates!

I've not been stressing on producing, but I did get some finished.

This one is made from the southwestern style woven blanket....
 These are some fun bright rugs - the striped pattern in the fabric made a subtle pattern in the rug.
 This is made from wool blankets.
 Bed sheets...

 And another southwestern woven blanket....

I've got someone coming (a relative) this afternoon that needs a denim rug for a wedding gift.   Need to get to the trailer and find the appropriate suitcase!

All for now,

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

One down, another to go

Vendor events this month, that is.

Last weekend was the annual Fort Sisseton Festival. 
This is an event I go to every year, and it rarely disapoints.

Beautiful weather this year -  that's unusual! LOL
It seemed quite slow this year, and then I had competition from another rug weaver, too.

But after adding up my sales, I found I had beaten last years totals...

Win!  Ha

The patriotic runners were a hit - sold about half of the stash I had produced.  I have enough left for my next event in 10 days.  That's a first time attending for me - it's a big show also - I'm # 92.

Here are some finishes from the reds 12 section rug warp that is on the loom now....

 First -  bed sheets from the stash
2nd - wool blanket rugs
3rd - a rug sized patriotic!

It feels like summer here... was 90 degrees yesterday. 
I'm a 72 degree and I'm happy girl. 

Makes the grass grow for the animals tho, so I'll suffer thru it! 

All for now,