Saturday, April 11, 2015

This plan that I speak of...

The "plan" is to FINISH THIS D*#%  HOUSE.

I pulled off the 1960's paneling, had an electrician come and wire in some ceiling lights - there had never been any, and add a couple of outlets while the wall was open.

I lucked into a crew that is hanging sheetrock as we speak.  No lifting for me!!!!!   Now it's ready to be taped and mudded and textured and painted.  Then the trim and this room will be finished-----


I tried to find a before picture - twas hard!  I was kind of ashamed of the state of my life down there! 

Check out the background of this picture, the whole space was like this.  Piles of totes and other assorted unfinished projects.   This loom has since found a new home.  It needed a major restoration, and since it wouldn't have ended up being a good rug loom, I let it go.

Here's the basement right now!

I have rooms! 

The looms are covered and I have pared down to things I love and use.  I am excited to get this finished. 

As soon as that is accomplished,

this house is going on the market.

If and when it sells...

Who knows what I will do and where I will go. 

I will decide then.

All for now,