Thursday, March 10, 2022

Getting ready

 Tonite I'm wrapping my head around what all needs to be gathered up for the first vendor show of '22.

I've got new signage and new biz cards....

I need to refill the little basket office I take to events....

And I need to pack up these piles of newest product....

These will be traveling in wheeled suitcases.

I've found it keeps my items clean and safe in the pickup bed that it takes to haul these heavy things around.

Rolling them along is way easier than carrying!

I always have to tell myself to chill out in the last few days before I show.

I tend to want to 'finish all the things'!

I will NEVER finish all the things, so just get busy and take what is done! LOL



Sunday, March 6, 2022

End of the Warps

 I finished up the blacks colorway warp.  It seemed to keep on giving forever :)

This isn't all of them...  Just some of the more colorful ones!

I've got both looms rewarped and weaving.  Union loom has green, brown and tans in the warp so should work for quite alot of the accumulated weft materials in the piles.

The Fairloom has natural, gold, salmon and burgundy.   It's working very well with some of the more colorful bits of weft materials that weren't working with the last warp I had on.

First show of the year is next week...

I've increased my prices on all new pieces, upgraded and replaced my signage and invested in some not home made biz cards.  I should be ready come Friday night when I pack things up.

All for now,


I recently started a new instagram account for my rugs.  Find me at renew.rugs