Tuesday, July 23, 2019

End of Blue

 Penguins on blue flannel sheet - twin size if I remember correctly - ended with these two...

Then I attempted to empty a tote of blue jean strips -  Didn't get that done before I ran out of warp.
It was long enough anyway!  Eight feet finished.

 Twenty three days from putting on the blue warp, to finishing it up.  Not as fast as I'd like, but other priorities are going on.

Promptly put on the next warp.

Three woven and on the beam already - Plenty of weft prepared and ready!

All for now,

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Corduroy love

I really love the rugs I make from corduroy.

They seem to have so much richness to them.  Must be the texture of the corduroy!

I just finished this rug...

It's all corduroy.  And it ended up to be about 7.5 feet long.

Here's the same rug, just a little closer view so you can see the colors.

This corduroy was from pants and leftover yardage from sewing projects.

What I do, is sort the leg pieces into color groups.  Adding and taking away until I'm happy with the mix.

Then rip or cut depending on my mood.

And sew end to end.

I had decided that this batch was going to be whatever length it wanted to be.  From the last few shows, I've been told there is a need for long runners.   I intend to see if I can fill that need :)

All for now,

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Unassuming vendor shows....

It's an interesting thing, this trying to figure out where to go to market my rag rugs.

I've pretty much figured out that the shows that include resale/direct sale items aren't the venue for me.

"Big Shows" that have pricey booth fees are scary, but I think I found one that I will be re applying for next year.

Small town shows, 4-5 hours in the local park, or a church, or community center, or school are just plain a crap shoot!

This past weekend, I did a local (3 miles from home) Art Crawl held in the former middle school during the annual summer fest. 

It cost all of 10$ to sign up for, and there were at most 12 vendors.  There were painters, metal art, lawn art, embroidered dishtowels, barn quilts, fabric items, sweater mittens, and miscellany.

Pleasantly surprised with the results of the day and a half sale.  Eleven rugs, 2 runners and 3 flyswatters!   Gross sales rivaled my regular 2 day festival last month and about 50% of the 'big one' I did last month.  

Getting the product in front of an audience is what I think I better do :)

All for now,

Saturday, July 6, 2019

A few finishes

This one is made from twill dress pants in navy
and yellows.

                                                                     Assorted sheet type material.


 This if fabric donated from an abandoned decorating project.
It was a woven navy and cream plaid decorator mid weight- I've
got a long runner of this coming that is on the loom yet.

And this rug was made from I believe curtain material?  Or 
maybe it was a fancy coverlet for a bed - can't remember :)

Independence Day found me weaving a patriotic rug...

And on the 5th, I did another since I had the weft needed.  
We'll see if these are popular other than right before the 4th!

No weaving this weekend as we are off to a family reunion/church reunion.
First thing this morning I moved the horses back onto a different patch of grass
and checked their water since I'll not be around much. 

Next weekend, a vendor event close by.
Then pedal to the medal with weaving for hopefully some big shows this fall.


Where is summer going?
All for now,

Monday, July 1, 2019

Decision made

I went with blue.

Sometimes I feel I have alot of 'blue' in my booth at shows.

When I really analyze, it's the denim that makes it seem that way.

There really wasn't much for blue random rugs when I sorted at the last show.

So while I was deciding on the direction to go, I came to the conclusion that I have 2 plumb full big totes that are "blue", and I could really stand to empty some totes!

I will have plenty to work with and add neutrals or accent colors from the other totes in the stash!

I went with graduating stripes .... natural, light blue, denim blue, dark blue and back down the spectrum.  I think it will be attractive with many different fabrics.

I'm in the process of threading the heddles and then will be ready to knock some blue rugs out!

All for now,