Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Another new start

It's been awhile since I checked in.

Just a bit preoccupied with several things.  :)

Yup, sold the house.  Of course not for the amount I would have liked, but it was time to move on.

I've had 4 craft sales events since I last posted, the small ones that I didn't expect much from have been my best - imagine that.

Also had my third. Count 'em, 3.  Revision surgeries on the incision from my hamstring repair from last November.   And guess what.... Incision has just started to degrade again.   I AM SO OVER THIS....

My surgeon (3 hours away) is trying to get me in to a wound nurse that is only 1.5 hours away tomorrow since we have a holiday to contend with.  I can't wait until we finally get this thing happy.  I am one of the weird people that don't like absorbable sutures - My system is still working them out from the original surgery.  We had hoped the last procedure in October was the final one, but now it's not looking so good again.

Weaving isn't happening right now - my looms are in my cargo trailer, along with the totes full of warp fabrics and supplies.  Plus a few pieces of furniture I didn't sell.

I'm currently ensconced in my parents lower level family room.  Mother dear tells everyone she has a downstairs maid... funny haha :)  My dad feels quite comfortable giving me a call when his cows get out and he needs someone with legs that work better than his, or if he has a gate that needs watching, or some sorting to do.

I have not attempted to find employment yet - too much medical stuff still happening, and I seem to keep way busy here.  Much purging must happen and I've been slowing working my way through getting a handle on bookkeeping for my parents businesses - Hopefully have the one sold - but still have cows!

It feels as if I've been here for way longer than I have, but in reality, I'm barely getting settled.

I'm hoping to carve out a space for a loom, or find a space elsewhere so I can feel like I'm being productive.  Anyway, lots to figure out.

All for now, JULIE